Dinner Guests - NOT Dinner!!

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Hi, Everyone!!

As many of you know, I am a native SoCal girl, and spent the last 16 years in Silicon Valley, before moving to Cincy. A year after I moved here, I purchased a log home on 5 acres, with a 1 acre pond, 15 minutes from the Reds & Bengals stadiums downtown. The pond is filled with geese, ducks and turtles, and the occasional crane, and every morning I see a parade of wildlife from deer to bunnies! This morning our flock of wild turkeys stopped by the feeders for breakfast - I wish you could see them up close - the colors in their feathers are AMAZING!! You really cannot believe how beautiful these birds are up close.

And yes, these birds are our dinner guests every evening for the next few months - but NEVER dinner!!

Thursday Kitchen Sink Mastermind Zoom Today
This is our last session before the Start Your Side Hustle event starts, so we will be wrapping up final details for the event today! It looks like we have the bugs almost worked out but my fingers are crossed right now!! Zoom details are in your member area dashboard!!

And apologies to some of the Etsy folks that were not able to get in - it seems that Gmail is playing games again and many Gmail users did not get the Zoom detail email. Replay will be posted tomorrow along with details from the call for our upcoming Etsy store promotion (more on this soon for everyone!)


Grow Your List Giveaway Pre-Launch
This is a very interesting and different Giveaway - just a handful of gifts but
all with a value of $197 or more - and some excellent courses here!


On Sale!!
Puzzle Publishing Profits from Amy Harrop

New factoid for us: Books in this niche rank consistently in the top 1% of all books sold on Amazon. Yow!! That means it is a money-making niche, folks!
In this latest guide, Amy walks us through:
  • Free and Paid puzzle creation resources...including software that creates
    puzzles for you!
  • Where to find content to create your puzzles 
  • How to create puzzles instantly at the push of a button 
  • A master list of puzzle creation resources for the most popular types of puzzles AND MUCH MORE!!
Use promo code JVNOVPPP and get $10 off on your purchase:

Puzzle Publishing Profits from Amy Harrop


One of my fave content creators, Karen Thackston, MarketingWords.com just opened the doors to her Fall Sale - and she is offering 50% off with code FALL50.
Here are my top picks from Karon's courses:
Making Money With Freebies
Amazon Advantage: Product Listing Strategies to Boost Your Sales
Affiliate Advantage – New and excellent!
Buy any of Karon's courses and come join us on the "Building Your Affiliate Marketing Income through Content Repurposing" (see below for full details).


Social Traffic POP! By Julie Coffman, PublishLowContentBooks.com
I just picked this one up this afternoon, and have not had time to read it through yet but I have other courses by Julie and love her training style - and I love the graphics on the sales page LOL! Check it out even if you are not interested in the course - they are adorable!


Bonus Zoom Scheduled!

We finally have a date for the BONUS we have promised for weeks now:
3:00 PM EST, November 11! This is the "Building Your Affiliate Marketing Income through Content Repurposing", aka "Making $$$ By Giving Stuff Away That People Actually WANT!!" that we have been trying to schedule for weeks now! (Thank you for your patience, Stephanie!)

If you purchased Content Sparks' recent "Repurposing Content" PLR/Course, VoiceBuddy, OR Ruthie and Jenn's latest course (see above!), through our link, you will be receiving the Zoom details tomorrow. If you do not - drop me an email and be sure to include your receipt to [email protected]

This is not just another Zoom on affiliate marketing or creating bonuses from PLR - I will walk you through what I have done to go from an unknown product creator to being in some of the best known bundles online - and not just in the low content space. In 2020, I have not only participated in the major bundles in our niche but have also been included in BC Stack, Infostack, JVOlogy, and the AppSumo Marketplace.

I will share my strategies and the pros and cons of each method. And yes, there sometimes ARE some cons - but the benefits have always outweighed the downside - as long as you have a long-term goal in mind!

send your receipts to
[email protected]
to collect your bonuses!!

See you shortly!!

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