Troll update at end of newsletter ;-) YEA!!

Hi, Everyone!!

My newsletter header today is something that I have never done before - those are a FEW screenshots of my affiliate earnings for a brief period in October. Now, what is interesting is that for the last 2 weeks - I have been averaging only 3-4 newsletters per week because I have been working on our upcoming event....so yes, that has affected my affiliate income quite a bit....but it has still been pretty healthy!! And if you can read those screenshots - all but one reflect revenue for a period of just a few days!

Over the past year, my affiliate marketing efforts has grown
from virtually ZERO to 50% of my revenue most months!

And yet the truth is - I still consider myself a content creator FIRST, and an AFFILIATE MARKETER second....and I also know that many of you that are content creators feel uncomfortable promoting other products to your list. There is still a 'stigma' that is often attached to Affiliate Marketing that is both unwarranted and undeserved!

But here is a news flash:
The truth is that people are going to buy 'stuff' whether they learn about a product from you or the TV or the paper or another marketer! The difference is that if YOU tell them about it FIRST....you just might get paid ;-)

Today is the release of a long-awaited Affiliate Marketing course by two people I admire greatly in our industry - Ruthie Bowers and Jenn Brockman. There were actually a couple of other courses out this past week on the same topic, but I had already gone through this course, and knew the quality of the content, so I did not promote them. I did not want to dilute the market for this one!

And yes, that is one of the perks when your sales start hitting a certain level - you DO get review copies!!

Affiliate Marketing Side Hustle is a step-by-step deep-dive into starting, organizing and building your Affiliate Marketing income to the point that it becomes real money. Not just the occasional sale but the everyday sales, like my screenshots above. And the best part? This is a course from two people in the industry that we all know, like and RESPECT! They are the 'real deal'!


So here is my totally over-the-top bonus:
You will get THREE $25.00 coupons for anything you want at PLRoftheMonth.Club (No expiration - use any time!)
Come join us for a massive Zoom class on
Content Repurposing & Affiliate Marketing!!
We will take a deep dive into using PLR to create
RELEVANT Bonuses that your list will love,
building your library so you always have something available,
and how to leverage your Affiliate Marketing Efforts into
INCLUSION as a Content Creator in some of the TOP Bundle Events
(yes - this year I was included in BCStack, InfoStack,
and numerous other events - even AppSumo!!)

Get it here:

Affiliate Marketing Side Hustle


Have you registered yet for the Start Your Side Hustle Giveaway?
This is the Giveaway portion of our upcoming event and registration is free and open through Nov. 1:

You can list up to 3 free products, and 2 Text ads!

Important Note For the Bundle Contributors:
You MUST register for the Giveaway even if you do not submit a free gift as this is the platform that will be tracking your affiliate referrals and Bundle sales.

You do not need to be a Contributor to promote the event!! Register now to promote when we go live!!


It looks as though the Troll's Gmail account has been disabled!! I am sure she must be livid at this point, but we are thrilled! The peace and quiet is wonderful! I am not sure what happened - we assume that it was one of the court-generated actions, but we do not care, as long as it is done.

A small victory in the grand scheme if things, I am sure, but a victory nonetheless!

I will have some freebies for you later today too - a rare day of 2 emails!
P.S. You can reach us by simply responding to this email - we actually do respond!! See all of our products or login to your Member's area at PLRoftheMonth.club

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