We have a guest today!

Hi, Everyone!!

So yesterday I had my first flu shot ever...did not think much about it and was not expecting to have any side effects. LOL WRONG!! Had a Board of Directors meeting with a client's company, and my eyes felt a little 'raw' when I got off the phone. So I went into the bathroom to get some eyedrops and was shocked when I saw my eyes in the mirror! OMG it was like Zombie Land Revisited!! By 4pm or so, I was looking for the truck that ran me over...

But feeling better today, not 100% but not as scary as yesterday - but gee, so glad I got my shot...not....

Today is our regular Thursday "Kitchen Sink" Mastermind and our pet Troll has announced that she WILL be on the call today so that we can all see her beautiful face and her success!! Um, yep, those are her words, not mine.

So, we announced this a few weeks ago, and then we relaxed it - but today -ALL ATTENDEES MUST BE ON VIDEO!!

Time: 3:00 PM EST
Zoom details are in your member dashboard

If you are a regular attendee and do not have video capability, please reach out to me and let me know. If you are a NEW attendee and do not have video, I am sorry, but you will not be able to attend the meeting, although you will have access to the replay.

If you attend with video off today, you be given the opportunity to turn your video on - and introduce yourself if you are new. You will be removed from the Zoom room if you do not comply.

I am really sorry to have to take these steps, but I feel it is necessary at this time to protect the event and the group.

Both last Thursday and Tuesday's sessions are in the member area - both are available from the dashboard.


See you soon!
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