the view from my office

Hi, Everyone!!

Is this adorable or what? The little kittie is one of two feral cats that we care for - and they are feral, so we will probably never be able to bring them in, but we feed them, care for them, and in the winter months, provide shelter. You may not know this, but there are actually heated 'cat houses' designed specifically to assist feral kitties survive the winter! So this little guy was waiting for breakfast to be served, and totally unconcerned about the deer just feet away! There were actually 5 more just out of camera range!

I had a flu shot this am and I am not having a good time with it - my eyes are watery and bright red, headache and general aches and pains - hard to believe I did this to myself!! LOL! But we decided it was a good idea to get them this year, so it is what it is!

Tomorrow is our regular Thursday "Kitchen Sink" Mastermind and our pet Troll has announced that she WILL be on the call tomorrow!!

So, we announced this a few weeks ago, and then we relaxed it - but tomorrow: ALL ATTENDEES MUST BE ON VIDEO!!

If you are a regular attendee and do not have video capability, please reach out to me and let me know. If you are a NEW attendee and do not have video, I am sorry, but you will not be able to attend the meeting, although you will have access to the replay.

And we WILL enforce this at tomorrow's meeting - if you attend with video off, you be given the opportunity to turn your video on - and introduce yourself if you are new - and you will be removed from the Zoom if you do not comply.

I am really sorry to have to take these steps, but I feel it is necessary at this time to protect the event and the group.

Your Zoom access details are available in the member dashboard, as always. Please do NOT share these details with anyone!

We had a great session Tuesday as we explored creative ways to combine PLR and digital planners! Replay is up now, and you can access it through your member area! I think you will enjoy it AND get LOTS of ideas on how to repurpose the basic digital planner into entirely new products!


Ending today!
Repurpose! From Blog to Book to Course

While the focus is re-purposing your blog content into a book - you can use the same principles to turn your content into a course or - remember that Digital Workbook Zoom class from last month? Yes - these are all ideas that you can add to this course to launch your own unique version of it quickly!
===>>> Get it here: Repurpose! From Blog to Book to Course


Calling all Insomniacs!! BTW - we discussed this on the call last week - if you have any sleep issues (I am a lifetime insomniac!) I have discovered the BEST natural sleep aid ever - I have been sleeping through the night - a solid 7 hours of sleep! - for 3 weeks now. This is not the norm for me!! I found this online, it is inexpensive and I have my 85 yr old mom on it now, too, and she is feeling like a new person. Amazing what sleep can do!! Check it out on Amazon - also on the Brain product too ;-). Terra Origin SLEEP It has melatonin, GABA, valerian, L-Theanine, and a bunch of other adaptogenic herbs. I am seriously sleeping through the night and waking up feeling refreshed, not drugged. It is a major change for me!!

See you on the call tomorrow - I am off to throw myself in bed early tonight in the hopes that a good night's sleep will help!!
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