Tuesday Tutorials Are Back!!

Hi, Everyone!!

This is a short one today as the schedule is full - working on the sales letter for the Bundle portion of our upcoming event, and my oh my!!! We have outdone ourselves!! More details later but this is such a good one!!! SUBMISSIONS ARE TOTALLY, ABSOLUTELY CLOSED for the Bundle!

BUT if you want to add to your original short description:
We have decided to make the product description longer than what was allowed on the original submission form...not sure I can squeeze it all in the platform's sales page but gonna TRY!!! If you want to add to your product description - you can do so HERE - this is NOT a full product re-submission, just a new description. Deadline TODAY!!!

SYSH V2 GIVEAWAY UPDATE: Registration for the Start Your Side Hustle Giveaway is open until October 31, and you will be able to add up to 3 Gifts and 2 Text Ads, so take advantage of the opportunity! This is the free gift portion of the event, and you have plenty of time to get involved and start building your list!

The Zoom access details are in your member dashboard - today we will be looking at adding content such as PLR articles to your digital planner. Everyone that attends will get a free mini-digital planner to use for your own future projects!

Our pet Troll is very unhappy with us. She pretty much had a complete meltdown yesterday and is very upset as she claims that someone has insulted her website and graphics (it was not us!). in typical bully fashion, she cannot tolerate being on the receiving end! The most recent barrage have also been turned over to the police. The bright spot, though, is that she said TOO much - and we have solid proof of who has been working with her in the group. And yes, we are taking action. ;-)


This is one of the best courses that Sharyn
has ever released:

Repurpose! From Blog to Book to Course

While the focus is re-purposing your blog content into a book - you can use the same principles to turn your content into a course or - remember that Digital Workbook Zoom class from last month? Yes - these are all ideas that you can add to this course to launch your own unique version of it quickly!
===>>> Get it here: Repurpose! From Blog to Book to Course

Tutorial Tuesday!!

Yea! Have not had time to do this for a while -
and it is my fave newsletter!!

• From Neil Patel - an advance look at Google's new algo changes - and this will affect us all, so a rare chance to see what is coming up from the Big G!

• From BlogHer, a terrific video with Yoast CEO Marieke van de Rakt : Copywriting for SEO (there are several on this page to check out!)

• From the Kinsta Blog (which I never knew they had...) How to Make Fewer HTTP Requests in WordPress (Boost Site Speed Easily)

• And again from Neil Patel: Bounce Rate Analytics: How to Measure, Assess, and Audit to Increase Conversions

AND THIS IS A MUST READ!!! How To Recover From Burnout And Come Back 10X Stronger
First of all - let me stress that this is not the typical useless "make time for a spa day" article - this has real actionable steps and tools to help!! Overworking and burn-out are common among those of us that work from home. I set some truly outrageous goals for myself this year - not expecting to come anywhere close - and I actually almost hit them! Trust me when I say that no one was more shocked than me! But I am now very conscious of the need to make some changes moving forward to avoid burnout - been there, have the t-shirt, the hat AND the scars to prove it - so I have been taking a few hours here and there to play, and most importantly, have hired a VA to help out (THANK YOU, JAN!!). It's why my newsletter has been sporadic the last couple of weeks - a couple of days I made the choice to take an afternoon off to attend the grandson's football game or go visit a pumpkin patch because I was feeling the need to get away from my beloved Mac!!

This is a great read - and important because we all face burnout, sooner or later. This just might help you turn it all around to a positive!

Hope to see you at the workshop!
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