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MIA But All Ok!

Yes, I have been MIA for a couple of days for a variety of reasons, none of which are worth taking your time to explain LOL!! All is okay, just a bunch of things popping up like whack-a-moles that have demanded my attention for the last 3 days ;-)

But before I dive into anything else - I just want to send a shout out to the wonderful peeps that were on the Thursday "Kitchen Sink Mastermind" last week - what a hoot! We rambled totally off-topic, and wound up discussing winterizing tropical plants, Venus Flytraps (thank you, Cara!), and exercises to cure sciatica issues (thank you, Patricia - it WORKS!!). As someone commented - it was like the "Girls Night Out" that no one has had in months, and it was a blast! We have such a wonderful group and it was just a nice way to end the day!

But we DID do tackle some biz stuff as well: Jan Small shared the amazing process that she just went through to hire a FULL-TIME VA, (I am sooo jealous - but working on hiring one soon, too - thanks to Jan!) it was impressive, to say the least. Marie-Andree Dionne just received her first shipment of her own French coloring books, just in time for the holiday shopping period! Kudos to both for major accomplishments!

We also finalized some details for the Start Your Side Hustle Giveaway & Bundle event, including voting on the final pricing since we have far more submissions than anticipated for the bundle. Since SYSH has been a group project from the beginning, we pretty much vote on anything that is major and affects all of us, and I felt the bundle price warranted a vote - and it was pretty much a unanimous vote to leave the price at $27 and just give our buyers a REALLY fabulous deal!!

And the second topic for the day was a vote on whether or not to let The Troll participate in the event!! Believe it or not, in spite of the horrific emails this person has been barraging us with for weeks, she is now literally begging (her words, not mine!) to get into the event! So, I put this to a vote as well: the votes ranged from "no" to "hell no" with "F••k no" getting the top number of votes. Not one vote for inclusion. Sorry, Troll - better luck next time. Ummmm......no. Sorry, banned for life!

We closed formal submissions on October 21, and we have a wonderful bunch of products!! I am matching up pics with products right now, but looking pretty good. If you have anything that you are still finishing up for your submission, please have completed (landing pages, graphics, etc) by October 26th, as I will be working on the sales page this week.

And, looks like everyone will make the cut, (YEA!), but I may still have questions for a few of you yet to clarify the offer. Should have the last of those out tomorrow!
If you have submitted and have not heard from me yet - don't panic! Just inundated with emails and working my through them all! We have time yet, and everyone will hear from me over the next 3 days. So far, no major problems ;-)

Last but not least:
We have decided to make the product description longer than what was allowed on the original submission form...not sure I can squeeze it all in the platform's sales page but gonna TRY!!! If you want to add to your product description - you can do so HERE - this is NOT a full product re-submission, just a new description. Deadline Tuesday!!!

SYSH V2 GIVEAWAY UPDATE: Registration for the Start Your Side Hustle Giveaway is open until October 31, and you will be able to add up to 3 Gifts and 2 Text Ads, so take advantage of the opportunity! This is the free gift portion of the event, and you have plenty of time to get involved and start building your list!


Ending Sunday!!

Cindy Bidar's Product Retirement Sale ends Sunday at Midnight, but you can grab what you missed until then! Check out all of the products that are leaving for good - there are some really good ones here - Cindy's Product Retirement sale

Proud Mom Alert!!

Have you seen the beautiful new graphics set from Lynette Chandler's DAUGHTER?? They are absolutely lovely, and I can think of a gazillion uses for them. I also just picked up a bunch of new photoshop brushes, and will have a batch of 25 color-coordinated water-color backgrounds for your interior planner pages - especially nice if you want to use these on a digital planner ;-)

Get them HERE - and the bonuses will be in your ThriveAnywhere account Wednesday so no need to send me your receipts! Get 50% off with promo code: OCTO50 at checkout.

Hot Topic: Video Pins For Pinterest!!

As we are looking towards the hottest buying season of the year - we are often so busy creating products that we forge to we need to MARKET those goodies! I just picked up a great course from Yadsia on creating video Pins for Pinterest! AT only $27, this is probably one of the best deals I have picked up in a while! And yes, I am planning to use this as a major part of my Etsy store strategy!!
===>>> Get it here: Pinterest Video Pins by Yadsia


This is one of the best courses that Sharyn
has ever released:

Repurpose! From Blog to Book to Course

While the focus is re-purposing your blog content into a book - you can use the same principles to turn your content into a course or - remember that Digital Workbook Zoom class from last month? Yes - these are all ideas that you can add to this course to launch your own unique version of it quickly!
===>>> Get it here: Repurpose! From Blog to Book to Course

Have a wonderful weekend - more tomorrow!
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