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Hi Everyone!

Well, this took longer than planned! I had some serious PhotoShop gremlins this afternoon, and then the internet was running super slow due to the nasty weather so just got these all uploaded to Dropbox. These will NOT be available for purchase separately - these will be exclusive to the Super Bundle, and never offered on their own, so a fairly limited release!

The Super Bundle will now contain 14 Planners - that is less than $7 per planner and I seriously doubt you will find a better deal anywhere!!

If you have already purchased, just visit your original download page, and if not, you can see the new ones in a couple of hours on the sales page. As always, if you want to upgrade to the Bundle, just send us your receipt, and we will credit you for the original purchase.

Check it out here while the Early Bird pricing is on:

=> Check it out here: Toolkit #4: 90% Done-For-You Dated Planners & Journal

We hope you enjoy!!
P.S. You can reach us by simply responding to this email - we actually do respond!!

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