Happy Sunday, Everyone!

After another insanely busy week, I thought I would take the day to just sit back and....work. Yeah. I hate being responsible sometimes, but that is just the way it is. Getting caught up after losing all of Wednesday but still behind....

So - on to today's subject line...
Back in the very early days of the web, domain names were kinda pricey, (my first one was $45 at Network Solutions!) and we would actually often get a renewal notice by snail mail!! Yes, we really did (this will give you an idea of how long I have been online - pretty much since dinosaurs roamed the web!).

This process also gave birth to one of the very first web-related scams that I became aware of, too: we would get, on a regular basis, very official-looking, threatening letters stating that we would lose our domains if we did not pay the 'annual registration fee' to some government-sounding agency. The fee was usually substantially higher than the normal domain registration fee at any registrar, and the bottom half of the letter was in print so small that you had to read it with a magnifying glass, and LOL, of course, I did!

The fine print actually stated that the 'past due' invoice was marketing services, and was an UNSOLICITED INVOICE! LOL I guess they thought that as long as they put that disclaimer in there, they were not doing anything against the law...but in truth, many of the companies were fined heavily by the FTC, and put out of business.

But guess what? Yep, I got one of those lovely notices today through my help desk system!

WEB SITE SERVICES This notice EXPIRES ON: Oct 18, 2020 We have actually not received a payment from you. We've tried to contact you yet were incapable to contact you. Kindly See: https://bit.ly/3kmTWQl . For info as well as to process a optional payment for services.

Same scam, new wrinkle. And unfortunately, I have had a couple of emails this weekend asking if these are legit emails, so they are apparently mass spamming websites. If you get one of these notices, do not be alarmed, your website is not going to disappear! It's nothing but a scam - the only mandatory registration/renewal fee is the one from your original Registrar!!


Are You Part of the D'vorah Lansky Fan Club??

D'vorah is one of my favorite content creators and her courses are without equal! She is such a creative 'out of the box' thinker that I always jump on everything she launches! Her latest is no exception - she has just launched a new monthly membership, The Content Creation Club, at a price that makes it affordable for pretty much anyone!

BONUS: D'vorah uses the Amember bonus plugin, so for every month that you remain a member, you will find a new mini-Planner (I will rotate between printable and digital!) in your Content Creation Club member dashboard The first one will arrive by the end of the week and then on the 20th of the month hereafter. Just remember to download the previous month before the new one uploads!
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The Business Blogger’s Checklist Pack

Cindy Bidar's Sale Continues!


I am a long-time member of Cindy's Six-Figure Membership, and I never regret it when the bill comes in every month and it is in large part to content like this! The Business Blogger's Checklist Pack is a complete plan to take you from no blog to a consistent publication schedule that drives traffic and makes sales.
Here's a PARTIAL LIST of what's included in the Business Blogger's Checklist Pack:

  • The Bottomless Well of Content Ideas Checklist: This showcases 21 places you can find ready-made ideas for posts!
  • The Quick Content Creation Checklist: 13 ideas to make content creation faster.
  • The Where to Promote Your Blog Post Checklist: This is an awesome one - 40 ways you can take action and get the word out about your latest post.
  • The How to Make Money on Your Blog Checklist
  • The Blog Post Branding Checklist
  • The Call to Action Checklist
  • The On-Page SEO Checklist
  • The Blog Post Repurposing Checklist
  • The Blog Performance Indicators Checklist
  • The Must-Have Plugins Checklist
  • The WordPress Security Checklist
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Yes, I have been on a bit of a spending spree for software and tools lately (am I the only one that treats their Warrior Plus Wallet - that's where your commissions go before you can withdraw them - like Monopoly money?) Oh, I can use my Wallet to buy this? CLICK!!

Anyway, I could not resist this one, because I have been looking for something to a) replace Zoom, and b) Stream
recorded videos (more important than a, actually)

Right now it is under $16.00 (wait for the discount to pop up!) and I bought the first 3 OTOs too - each one has a $10 discount downsell, so if you want it, click no and buy it on the next screen! Also, although the funnel is lengthy - these guys are SMART - each OTO opens in a new browser tab, so you can go back and review the options and make an intelligent buy decision!! LOVE IT!!
  • Host Unlimited Video Meetings, Live Conferences Or Webinars On Our Cloud Infrastructure For A Low One Time Fee
  • You Can Stream Recorded Videos If You Don’t Want To Be “Live” Yourself
  • Do Video Calls With Friends, Clients, Business Partners With Zero Lag And Crisp Quality
  • Run Live, Simulated Live Or Pre-Recorded Webinars
  • Built-In Autoresponder For Automated Webinar Reminders
Please note: So far I am very happy with this but have not tested out all of the features yet, such as the streaming. I have other software from this team that I like and use, so I am pretty comfortable with them - and if it does not work, they will stand behind it.

Bonus: Get one 25% off coupon for each product you buy! Each coupon can be used once on ANY product - and never expires
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