My Brain Has Too Many
You can identify with that, can't you? Of course, you can! LOL - Forget walking into the other room and then wondering WHY I am there...I can do that just sitting here on my computer!

No, it has nothing with aging (or not much) but it has EVERYTHING to do with just doing a lot of different things during the course of the day. My To-Do list - and I am sure yours, too! - looks like it should be divided up among 6 different 'experts' because it includes such unrelated tasks as website management, marketing, sales page and copywriting, content creation and probably 97 other random items that need to get done to keep the business running. And I find that I often find myself staring at the screen and thinking "hmm, why exactly did I open this page??"

LOL...The culprit behind this momentary 'brain fart' is simply being an entrepreneur. There are a lot of moving parts to building an online business, and having paid help is usually a luxury most of us do not have when first starting out, so we dive in and do it all ourselves, and that can be overwhelming sometimes. And sometimes when we quickly switch back and forth between tasks - the brain is not quite ready for it, and we 'check out' for a moment or two...or three...it's ok. We all do it!

And as we get ready for another Start Your Side Hustle event, I know that many of you are creating a new landing page or a new funnel and probably feeling frustrated because you just did this last month, and now it all looks like Greek again!!

You are NOT alone - these are skill sets that you don't use very often and so it is easy to forget the steps!! Contrary to the old saying, you CAN forget how to ride a bike...or build that landing page in Birdsend! ;-)

Don't get frustrated - just reach out and ask for help or join one of the upcoming Thursday calls and we will get you squared away. Focus on your products first and we have your back when it comes to the techie side, ok?


The Start Your Side Hustle Giveaway is back and with a new twist: this time we are adding a PAID BUNDLE opportunity as well! The paid Bundle will be presented to visitors upon registration to the Giveaway and will feature up to 30 high-quality products.

• Registration to contribute your free gift to the main event, The Start Your Side Hustle Giveaway, is now open! The event opens to the public on November 5. Register HERE. (This is also where you will find your Affiliate links!)

• If you have submitted your product to the Bundle event (this is the PAID bundle portion of the Event), I am reviewing the submissions, and will start reaching out to people TUESDAY! We have some AMAZING contributions already, and will definitely have the Bundle filled without any problem!! Registration is now open and will continue through October 21. Bundle contributors will receive 75% commission AND the complete list of Bundle purchasers. No more than 30 spots are available and they are filling up fast!! Get full details and register HERE.

ALL contributors (Both Bundle and Giveaway event) MUST register for the Giveaway, in order for us to track your Affiliate activity!!

Join us for next Thursday's Zoom chat to ask questions and brainstorm with us to make this event fun and successful for everyone! Zoom details are in your member area dashboard!!

If you have any unanswered questions that you emailed me this week - I will be catching up over the weekend - my lost day kinda messed up the workload a bit!


Affiliate Marketing Abundance

Cindy Bidar's Sale Continues!


Yes, I am a product creator, and that is the side of the business I love - but Affiliate Marketing balances out the hills and valleys of the monthly revenue - and my newsletter is actually a small portion of those marketing efforts! This is probably one of my favorite courses from Cindy because it covers not just the foundational items but the advanced techniques to get you earning as an Affiliate,
===>>>Check it out here: Affiliate Marketing Abundance

BONUS: I am going to be offering a Zoom session on Repurposing Content to Create Relevant Bonuses in early November, which is a perfect fit for this course! If you are not making the income you want through your affiliate efforts - let's get it ramped up! And no, I have not bought that Ferrari yet - but it IS paying for the Jeep, the mortgage, and cat food, so I have no complaints ;-)


Today's purchase: ProfitMeet

Yes, I have been on a bit of a spending spree for software and tools lately (am I the only one that treats their Warrior Plus Wallet - that's where your commissions go before you can withdraw them - like Monopoly money?) Oh, I can use my Wallet to buy this? CLICK!!

Anyway, I could not resist this one, because I have been looking for something to a) replace Zoom, and b) Stream
recorded videos (more important than a, actually)

Right now it is under $16.00 (wait for the discount to pop up!) and I bought the first 3 OTOs too - each one has a $10 discount downsell, so if you want it, click no and buy it on the next screen! Also, although the funnel is lengthy - these guys are SMART - each OTO opens in a new browser tab, so you can go back and review the options and make an intelligent buy decision!! LOVE IT!!
  • Host Unlimited Video Meetings, Live Conferences Or Webinars On Our Cloud Infrastructure For A Low One Time Fee
  • You Can Stream Recorded Videos If You Don’t Want To Be “Live” Yourself
  • Do Video Calls With Friends, Clients, Business Partners With Zero Lag And Crisp Quality
  • Run Live, Simulated Live Or Pre-Recorded Webinars
  • Built-In Autoresponder For Automated Webinar Reminders
Please note: I JUST bought this - I did a quick chat with it but have not run it through its paces yet, however, I have other software from this team that I like and use, so I am pretty comfortable with them - and if it does not work, they will stand behind it.

Bonus: Get one 25% off coupon for each product you buy! Each coupon can be used once on ANY product - and never expires
===>>> Check it out here: ProfitMeet


Hey!!! If you purchased any products through my links -
please send the receipts!
It is the only way I can get you your bonuses!
The Digital Blogger Planner is almost done but I think it will be worth the wait -
and I am adding additional covers to make up for the delay!

To Collect Your Bonuses:

Please send your receipt to:
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Off to review your Bundle submissions!
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