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After a bit of a panic attack, this afternoon, when it appeared that I had managed to lock myself out of the website, (always something, right??) registration for The Start Your Side Hustle Giveaway Is Open!!

The Start Your Side Hustle Giveaway is back and with a new twist: this time we are adding a PAID BUNDLE opportunity as well! The paid Bundle will be presented to visitors upon registration to the Giveaway and will feature up to 30 high-quality products.

• Registration to contribute your free gift to the main event, The Start Your Side Hustle Giveaway, opens today Friday, October 16 and the event opens to the public on November 5. Register HERE. (This is also where you will find your Affiliate links!)

• If you would like to submit your product to the Bundle event (this is the PAID bundle portion of the Event), registration is now open and will continue through October 21. Bundle contributors will receive 75% commission AND the complete list of Bundle purchasers. No more than 30 spots are available and they are filling up fast!! Get full details and register HERE.

ALL contributors (Both Bundle and Giveaway event) MUST register for the Giveaway, in order for us to track your Affiliate activity!!

Join us for next Thursday's Zoom chat to ask questions and brainstorm with us to make this event fun and successful for everyone! Zoom details are in your member area dashboard!!

And, yes, there is ALWAYS something that goes wrong somewhere in every product launch and every event. Just get over it and get out there!! You can't move forward if you are stuck in neutral.

Etsy Workshop Update:
Since we had to cancel our Wednesday Etsy Workshop, I will be adding an extra hour to next week's session! Next Wednesday, we will start at 2:00 PM, rather than 3:00 PM, so that we get our stores up and our promotion planned and launched in time for the holidays and the planner buying season. I will update the info on the group page today as well. This promotion is going to be FUN!!

Zoom Replays
The replay for BOTH the Tuesday Working with Digital Planners Workshop and the Thursday Kitchen Sink Mastermind are in your member area, on the right-hand side of the main page ;-)

If you have any unanswered questions that you emailed me this week - I will be catching up over the weekend - my lost day kinda messed up the workload a bit!

===>>> One of the topics on this week's mastermind was hosting videos and the high cost of using non-YouTube providers to avoid the 'related videos' that YT shows when you host with them and then embed your vid on your website. Nothing worse than slaving over your sales video and then having your competition show up for the encore, right? Well, here's a little coding trick I learned ages ago - and apparently (thanks, Helen, for testing!) it still works:|

Get your embed URL code than add this at the end of the code (no spaces):
Adding rel=0" after the URL prevents related videos!!

Sample iframe embed code from YT:

That can save you some major $$$$!!!


Converting freebies to buyers

Cindy Bidar's TripWire Toolkit -


It's not rocket science but it IS complicated - the whole process of pricing and putting together your tripwire offer BUT...Tripwires when used correctly are one of the best tools to ramp up your business and make it much easier to get those freebie seekers moved over to your buyer's list in record time.....and Cindy Bidar's The Tripwire Toolkit is one of the best courses you can get to understand the process flow and make sense of the whole mess - and it's on sale today for 50% Off!!
====>>> The Tripwire Toolkit
~ The Tripwire User Flow Cheat Sheet
~ The Tools to Use Comparison Guide
~ The Tripwire Ideas Checklist
~ The Tripwire Offer Worksheet
~ The Tripwire Pricing Worksheet
~ The Splinter Offer Worksheet
~ The Trial Offer Checklist
~ The Urgency Creation Checklist
~ The Countdown Timer Checklist
~ The Tripwire Set Up Checklist
~ The After the Tripwire Follow Up Plan
~ The Funnel Follow-up Checklist
BONUS: Since I am deep into getting the Giveaway and Bundle done, no time for a new one...but I am offering this ENTIRE bundle of Lead Magnets as the bonus for this purchase because I really think it is that helpful!! If you already have the FULL bundle, I will substitute a $40 credit instead!


Loving this one....

I did not pick this up when it came out the first time, but this time I picked up both the FE and first OTO. This is not just another app to add robotic-sounding voiceovers to your sales videos - this one actually lets you adjust the emphasis, speed, and pitch, as well as natural sounding breaks. It also gives you access to both Google and Amazon voices. One of my main goals for 2021 is to create videos for product reviews on YT and other sites for my affiliate marketing efforts, and this is a much faster way for me to do this than doing my own voiceovers. I will create my text product review in Keynote or Powerpoint, add a couple of product images, throw that text into VoiceBuddy, and in a few minutes - I have a review video WITH a voiceover.
BONUS: YES!!! We definitely have enough people interested to do this!! I am going to combine the Content Repurposing Session with this one, and show you what I do and how I have landed on some major leaderboards this past year, and built my email list from 350 to over 8k in a little over 1 year! What works, what doesn't and how to effectively be both a Content Creator AND an Affiliate Marketer. There has been so much stigma attached to Affiliate Marketing in recent years (you KNOW how many email services won't touch us!), but it's a wonderful business model if done CORRECTLY and ETHICALLY!! It's also a great way to diversify your revenue stream and provide evergreen revenue ;-) I will announce a date for this Monday but I am thinking Mid-November, before everyone checks out for the holidays?

===>>> Check it out here: It's on sale for 50% off right now: VOICEBUDDY


Hey!!! If you purchased any products through my links -
please send the receipts!
It is the only way I can get you your bonuses!
The Digital Blogger Planner is almost done but I think it will be worth the wait -
and I am adding additional covers to make up for the delay!

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Have a wonderful evening!
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