Hi Everyone!

It's Sunday evening, and I have to admit, I kinda played hooky this weekend! We had a very unexpected cookout when my youngest 'faux' son, his fiancee, her brother, and his girlfriend brought burgers and other goodies over, and we had a lovely day together. Add to that 2 gorgeous huskies (one of whom is my grandpuppy), and it was quite a crowd here! They brought a ton of food, cooked a wonderful meal, and it was a much-needed break for everyone. No hugs, and lots of hand sanitizer was used, but it so much fun to see everyone. Amazing how good a simply burger tastes with the right company ;-)

Then I slept 9 hours last night - which is about 2.5X my usual night, but in my defense - I was exhausted. I set some outrageous goals for the summer, and in spite of COVID - I am going to come awfully close to hitting them! My biggest goal was in list growth as opposed to an increase in revenue.

I know, I know. Most people set monetary goals, but list growth is actually more important because if you build - and nurture - your list, the revenue will follow.

Over the last year, I have spent - and wasted - a lot of time and money on list-building courses, challenges, masterminds, and group coaching. One so-called 'expert', a name most of you would recognize, actually told us to add our friends and family to our newsletter list, and then had the audacity to say "See? I told you - list building is EASY!" And no, he was not kidding, that was pretty much all he taught you about building a list! And, yes, it was a PAID course.

But two methods have done VERY well for me this summer - Pinterest and Online Events - Bundles & Giveaways!!

From June through August, I will have participated in 9 events. 2 were paid bundles, and the other 7 were free giveaways. BC Stack and Ruthie's Birthday Bash were both paid bundle events that are referred to as 'juried', meaning your product has to be reviewed and approved for submission. I had great results from both, and continue to gain new subscribers every day as the buyers download their products from my site.

The other events are all giveaways, some with list size qualifications and some without. One event, JVology, not only has some serious promotion requirements but also a pretty steep entry fee. I bit the bullet, and paid the fee as a birthday present to myself!!

And now, as I can see my goal getting closer - I have joined forces with a couple of friends, Ruthie Bowers and Chrissy Salus, and we are taking the next step....look for the full details this coming week as we announce the dates for The Start Your Side Hustle Giveaway!!

We want to make this a viable list building event for everyone, so start getting your products ready - the doors will open for submission no later than September 1, and the event begins September 10!!

In the meantime...
we are scheduling dates for all of
those Zoom Sessions!!

These sessions were bonuses for many of you that purchased these bundles through my affiliate link (thank you!) - I can't wait to get started!
  • For The Ruthies Birthday Bash Bundle Bonus:
    August 18, 2:00 PM EST - Zoom details to be sent to Group list
    Second Q & A session to be scheduled based on group feedback
  • BC Stack Implementation Sessions
    August 25, 2:00 PM EST - Zoom details to be sent to Group list
    September 1, 2:00 PM EST
    September 11, 2:00 PM EST

    Implementation Topic: All About Blogging
    Based on the group survey, we will cover all aspects of blogging, from setting up your Wordpress blog (including working with CPanel), installing your theme, best plugins to use, keyword research, and then moving on to traffic and monetization.

And don't forget these giveaways!!

1) The Annual Healthy, Wealthy & Wise Giveaway
This has more than 30+ gifts, across multiple niches. A nice mix of gifts from folks that you don't usually see in giveaways. Yes, we have one of our digital planners in this one.

2) Personal Power Gifts
This just launched today, and has 20+ gifts, with a heavy emphasis on self-help & personal development. Our "Train The Brain" printable workbook is in this one!

3) The JVology Giveaway
Run by Jay Fiset of JVology, this one brings together 70 contributors across multiple niches from Lead Generation. Starts August 17th but early bird registration is open now

4) Limitless Living Giveaway
This one opens up on the 17th and is open to contributors from the 9th through the 17th. This is perfect if you are just building your list as there are no list minimums and you can pay to upgrade to get the COMPLETE list of participants - not just the people that opted in to get your gift.

5) The Start Your Side Hustle Giveaway:
WOOT WOOT!! This is our very own event that we will be hosting shortly after Labor Day (mid-September). Watch for details on this one - we promise you will NOT want to miss our inaugural event - or any of the ones to follow!!

Have an amazing week and stay safe!!!
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