In my wildest dreams....this is how every day ends.....
Hi, Everyone!

Oh, yeah! This is how I end every day. NEVER. But hey! Hope springs eternal, right?

Quick Reminder: We have our 3pm EST Zoom session today. We have now merged the Thursday and Tuesday calls, as we begin to move into our next phase of List Building. If you registered but have not received the call details, please reply to this and I will send the Zoom details to you asap - please put ZOOM in the subject line!

Today is a totally ad-free zone - there is NOTHING for sale in today's newsletter. There are so many FREE bundle giveaways that I thought I would highlight a few of them for you today - and then explain a bit about the POWER of free!

1) The Annual Healthy, Wealthy & Wise Giveaway
This has more than 30+ gifts, across multiple niches. A nice mix of gifts from folks that you don't usually see in giveaways. Yes, we have one of our digital planners in this one.

2) Personal Power Gifts
This just launched today, and has 20+ gifts, with a heavy emphasis on self-help & personal development. Our "Train The Brain" printable workbook is in this one!

3) The JVology Giveaway
Run by Jay Fiset of JVology, this one brings together 70 contributors across multiple niches from Lead Generation. Starts August 17th but early bird registration is open now

4) Limitless Living Giveaway
This one opens up on the 17th and is open to contributors from the 9th through the 17th. This is perfect if you are just building your list as there are no list minimums and you can pay to upgrade to get the COMPLETE list of participants - not just the people that opted in to get your gift.

5) The Start Your Side Hustle Giveaway:
WOOT WOOT!! This is our very own event that we will be hosting shortly after Labor Day (mid-September). Watch for details on this one - we promise you will NOT want to miss our inaugural event - or any of the ones to follow!!

And now to explain about the "Power of Free"....
All of these events are offering 'free' gifts - but the truth is that the cost of the gift is the person's email address. In the beginning, I hesitated to participate in these events because I had heard that too often people used bogus email addresses or they unsubscribed immediately.

And of course - freebie seekers are never buyers, right? WRONG!!! I have added hundreds and hundreds of new CUSTOMERS to my lists with giveaway events like the ones above!

Thanks to the MANY events that I have participated in over the last year - I have a real business now. I am on leaderboards. I make sales. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

I am still stunned with every notification ;-)

So I recommend that you check these out, download some of the gifts and....

• Take careful note as to which registration and delivery sequences you AS A CUSTOMER like

• Add these sequences to your own swipe file (You do have one of those, right?).

• Track the full email/autoresponder sequence(how long is it? Any additional offers?)

• And most importantly - which ones did you find especially obnoxious or annoying and why?

Many people complain that they are buried in emails after an event and just delete every one that comes in!

PLEASE do not do this! Every event is a potential Berlitz course in online marketing, and you can learn SO MUCH by actually paying attention to the steps you are put through both during the optin process and in the follow-up.

You don't need to spend thousands. You don't need a huge budget.

So start thinking about what YOU can giveaway when we announce the details of our very first GIVEAWAY event in just a few days!! You have a whole month to get ready and yes, we will be there to hold your hand.

Well, virtually at any rate ;-)

And I should have all of the bonuses delivered by end of today!!


Please send your receipt to:
[email protected]
Please put BONUS in the subject line!!


So back to work - lots to do!!!
P.S. You can reach us by simply responding to this email - we actually do respond!! See all of our products or login to your Member's area at PLRoftheMonth.club

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