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Yes!! Today is actually Ruthie's Birthday so I hope you will take a moment to send a birthday greeting her way! This is my second year of participating in Ruthie's Bundle and she is nothing but a class act all the way! If you have never participated in one of her events - polish up your product creation skills and submit next time! She has set some high standards for submissions - but if you make the cut, you will never regret it!

A quick note for our Pinterest and SEO Zoom Groups:
We are merging the two groups, as we begin to plan our next 'Adventure' - we are putting together our very own Event!! The call is open to everyone - please register here to join the group's newsletter list. Call login details will be sent out later today to everyone on the mailing list! BTW - If you registered previously for either the Pinterest or SEO group, you do not need to register again.

If you are struggling to build your list - I cannot recommend online events enough! They basically come in two 'flavors': Bundles and Giveaways.

GIveaways are exactly like they sound: you contribute a product and then all of the contributors promote the event. All products are free to download, the 'price' is basically the visitor's email address. Some are 'juried', meaning your submission must be approved, while others are open to anyone and everyone.

Bundles, on the other hand, usually are more selective, since there is a cost associated with the Bundle. There is usually a submission and approval process, which can sometimes be quite lengthy. Bundles usually have more restrictions as to how you set up your optin and follow-up processes.

Both Bundles and Giveaways can be either free or paid events for the Contributors. Many events will have a minimum list size requirement which can make it difficult for many 'newbies' to find events to join when just starting out.

The other stumbling block for many just starting out is the 'backend' of the whole process: Setting up your optin or landing page, then the download page, and oh yeah? Just how DO you get that lead magnet you are giving away into your new subscriber's hands??

And THEN....you realize you need a whole welcome email sequence once they are actually on your list!!

And yes, this is why so many people give up. This is not an easy business, I don't care what the 'Gooorooos' tell you because there are so darned many moving parts to everything we do!!

BUT....it's NOT rocket science, and it IS profitable! And I speak from experience when I tell you that Bundles and Giveaways are the BEST way to build your list.

How do I know? I practice what I preach - last week I added almost 600 subscribers to my list by participating in 2 events. From mid-July through Sept 1 - I will be in 7 events (Note to self: Do. Not. Do. This. Again. LOL.)

And that whole process described above is EXACTLY what we are going to be covering as my bonus for the folks who buy Ruthie's Deluxe Bundle Upgrade - and this is in addition to the two sessions with Ruthie & Jenn and myself. And of course, I am also going to do a Zoom session on working with the Digital Planners for the standard bundle purchase too!

Events are the most incredible way to build your business - but you WILL miss opportunities if you don't have a system in place that lets you quickly jump in and take advantage of those invitations! Let's get you set up and ready to go at a moment's notice, ok??



Ruthie's 2nd Annual
Birthday Bash!

Yes, this is the final day. 40+ products, and so many that can be combined to make totally new products! You can go Mix & Match CRAAAAZY with this one!!

Over $1700 in value, and many brand new, just released ones, too!. We have 4 digital planners in the bundle - all-new designs just for Ruthie!

BUY THROUGH OUR LINK BONUS: Get your choice of any TWO 2021 Digital Planners released from now through the rest of the year!! We have at least 3 separate releases of 2021 Digital planners planned in the next 60 days - and each release is going to be a different format, with new templates ;-) I am almost done with the first series, and the link mapping alone has taken 3 weeks. Trust me when I say you want to sell them - you do not want to create them.....

PLUS: I will be holding a webinar to go over how best to edit and work with your digital planners. This will be a single session, but open to questions so will probably be 2 to 3 hours long. Wear comfy clothes and pack a lunch ;-)

ADDED BONUS: As detailed above - if you bump up to the DELUXE bundle, I will add an additional Zoom group session where we will go over setting up your landing page, your welcome and 'nurture' email sequence, and answer as many questions as we can about getting your foundational pieces in place as either an affiliate or a product creator/seller. We will be using BirdSend for the demo, and if you don't have a service yet for your email marketing, they have a free 30-day trial we can hook you up with before the session. You will get copies of the mindmaps and emails used in the session as well.

===>>> GET IT NOW!!

Ruthie's 2nd Annual
Birthday Bash



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In case you missed
Tutorial Tuesday!!

• Want to Create an Online Course...in only 10 Days?
From Content Sparks - this challenge is a rock-solid 'challenge' that will teach you more than many $$$ courses I've purchased over the years!

Nathan Gotch reveals how much YouTube pays him every month....this is a quick video but gives some great insight into the 'inner workings' of making money from your YT efforts.

From my fave bald-headed geek, Neil Patel: Content Marketing Unlocked: Your Free Blogging Course - this is another fantastic example of the incredible free content Patel releases. Not even going to go into details of what it covers, just click on over and check it over. Mind. Blown.

From Social Media Examiner: 5 Ways to Repurpose Audio and Video Content for Social Media

• Appsumo gives us this one today: Non-Fiction to the Max How to finally write your book, from start to finish :8 hours of video lessons on writing a book with four-time New York Times bestselling author, Tucker Max PLUS free templates, course materials, and The Scribe Method ebook to go with a proven process that’s worked for 1,600+ authors. What are ya waitin' for? GO!!
• AnimatioX
Just bought this a few days ago and really like it - AnimatioX is a user-friendly platform that lets you quickly create animated and static banners, and comes in at under $20! This has over 1000 templates in 32 custom designs, 20+ animation styles, 1m+ stock images, 300+ fonts and much more. One time cost.
If you did not have a chance to pick up Crello recently, this appears to be a good alternative! I did not pick up any of the upsells, just the FE ;-)

===>>> GET HERE: AnimatioX
• On sale from Coach Glue - Freedom Journaling is an excellent course for anyone in the Law of Attraction, Manifestation, Visualization or Vision Boards niches. This is a huge course that includes:
• 4 Course Lessons Completely Written for You
Course Workbook with Worksheets, Exercises, and Checklists
Facebook Livestream Theme Script to Generate Buzz for Your Course
Facebook Livestream Launch Page Copy
Sales Page Copy to Sell Your Course
10 Done-for-You Social Media Posts
• 5 Blog Posts to Warm Your Audience Up for Your Upcoming Launch
• 5 Email Templates to Promoting Your Livestream & New Course

BONUS: 3 all-new Printable 30-page Journal designs. Ready to go as a product or lead magnet, just add your logo!
===>>> CHECK IT OUT HERE: Freedom Journaling (Use promo code: 200 at checkout)


Please send your receipt to:
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Please put BONUS in the subject line!!


So back to work - lots to do!!!
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