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Phew!! That Was Close....

Hi, Everyone!

Phew!! I recovered from my cleaning frenzy before it actually got serious - which means the house still looks like a rehearsal for WWIII, but you got some nifty gifties yesterday so all is good. And if you missed them - check the bottom of this email ;-)

In the Zoom chat sessions that I have been doing over the last several weeks, one of the biggest hurdles for most people seems to be the 'nurturing' follow-up sequence, and to be honest - most people overthink it and over complicate it! I've developed a basic sequence that I have used for the last few events that I have been in and my retention rate from the free giveaway events has risen by almost 15% since I implemented this!

One of the big changes that I made recently is moving from MailPoet to BirdSend as issues with MailPoet were preventing current subscribers to the newsletter from being added to any new sequence. This issue has been corrected now with my move to BirdSend - yea!!

And you have a chance to see it in action - even if you are already on my mailing list as this is set up on BIrdsend - by signing up for the new giveaway event that just launched today:

The Healthy, Wealthy & Wise


This is a brand new giveaway and a very high-quality one! This one is very well organized and broken into the 3 categories that the name implies - I love that there are new products from VERY highly qualified professionals - and I doubt that you have seen any of the products before as most of the contributors have not been in an event like this before. You can also pick up our RAINBOW DIGITAL PLANNER if you don't have it yet! And in addition to the planner.....stay on the 3 part email sequence to get another gift and a 25% off coupon ;-)


Ruthie's 2nd Annual
Birthday Bash Is Here!

LOL What started out as a great deal is now an AMAZING deal and it just keeps growing!! It's now almost $1700 in value! We have 2 new digital planners and 2 new mini digital planners in there, too!

BUY THROUGH OUR LINK BONUS: Get your choice of any TWO 2021 Digital Planners released from now through the rest of the year!! We have at least 3 separate releases of 2021 Digital planners planned in the next 60 days - and each release is going to be a different format, with new templates ;-)

PLUS: I will be holding a webinar to go over how best to edit and work with your digital planners. This will be a single session, but open to questions so will probably be 2 to 3 hours long. Wear comfy clothes and pack a lunch ;-)

ADDED BONUS: if you bump up to the DELUXE bundle, I will add an additional Zoom group session where we will go over setting up your landing page, your welcome and 'nurture' email sequence, and answer as many questions as we can about getting your foundational pieces in place as either an affiliate or a product creator/seller. We will be using BirdSend for the demo, and if you don't have a service yet for your email marketing, they have a free 30-day trial we can hook you up with before the session. You will get copies of the mindmaps and emails used in the session as well.

===>>> GET IT NOW!!

Ruthie's 2nd Annual
Birthday Bash


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• Chad Eljier's New Candy World Coloring Pages are ADORABLE!! Popsicles, Donuts & Cupcakes (my 3 favorite basic food groups, next to pizza and tacos) all ready to color.
BONUS: 10 watercolor covers that you can drop these images on for covers or you can use them for other projects - your choice!
===>>> GET IT HERE: Candy World Coloring Pages
And Yes, We Haz Freebies!!
I wish I was this good at cleaning out my closet...

We have all kinds of goodies for you today - you may have some of these but I am sure you will find some new goodies too!

3 Theme Sets (each has 3 covers, 1 ' belongs to" page, and a background page!)

10 articles on networking

15 Motivational & Humorous Memes

15 Animal Memes

Christmas Coloring Pages

Covers 1

Covers 2

10 Zen Backgrounds



Please send your receipt to:
[email protected]
Please put BONUS in the subject line!!


So back to work - I hope you all have an amazing and safe weekend!!
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