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It's Finally Here!!!

Good morning!!

I am sure your inbox is already popping with the news.......

Ruthie's 2nd Annual Birthday Bash

Yes, Ruthie is going to be another year older but we are the ones making out like bandits this year!! The bundle has ALREADY GROWN to 39 products worth OVER $1600 for the paltry sum of $27.00!!

And the best part is that many of us created all-NEW products for Ruthie's event! My contribution is 2 full-size Digital Planners and 2 Digital Mini-Planners - all 4 are totally new designs! The planners alone are worth the cost of the bundle.

BONUS: Now, many of you bought the BC Stack bundle and are waiting for the new 2021 DATED Digital planners to come out, because that was part of the bonus - but trust me, these WILL be worth the wait! They are fully interlinked from the 12-month calendar to EVERY DAY - and there is a monthly calendar on every daily spread that links to each day of the month. Yes, we are already at 800+ links! These are the planners that you see selling for $$$ on Etsy - these are NOT $5 planners!!! I don't know yet how many designs we will launch with but I am probably doing 3 separate releases of 5 designs each, so you will have time to hit the hot 2021 market which starts very soon.

BUY THROUGH OUR LINK: and you get your choice of any TWO 2021 Digital Planners released from now through the rest of the year!! There will be at least 20 - including some exciting new landscape single-page formats! PLUS: I will be holding a webinar to go over how best to edit and work with your digital planners. This will be a single session, but open to questions so will probably be 2 to 3 hours long. Wear comfy clothes and pack a lunch ;-) If you have attended any of our recent sessions, you know that we answer questions, do a lot of 'hand-holding' and try to do everything we can to make sure you have a clear path forward, so expect this one to be no different! And yes, the replay will be available!

===>>> Get it here: Ruthie's 2nd Annual Birthday Bash

Here's a look at who is in the Bundle this year - LOTS of well-known names that do not normally participate in Bundles, so kudos to Ruthie's recruiting skills!

PLR of The Month Club - Done-For-You Digital Planner & Lead Magnet Extravaganza! All New Designs! value $97
•Share Your Brilliance - Discover Digital Planners Workshop value $97
• Carlene Kelsey Web Solutions, LLC - 30 Done For You Social Media Images value $90
• Planning Addicts - Roaring 20 Coloring Planner Pack value $27
• Artsy Challenge - Gift Card value $47
• Simply Couture Designs - Essential Life Planner Template value $37
• The Planner Nerd - Kid's Summer Journal value $18.99
• Buy Digital Designs - 1000 Stickers Cookie Style Girl's Names -- Mega Pack value $50
• Content Accelerators - Using Affinity Publisher for Low Content Books value $27
• Color Monthly PLR - California Bucket List Coloring Pages value $53.50
• A Cup of Zen LLC - Done-for-You Content Overcoming Challenges to Embrace Change value $47
• PLR Beach - Sunflower Student Planner value $27
• BookPublisherTools - Puzzle Bundle Summer 2020 value $27
Planner Creators PLR - Animal Mandala Adult Coloring Book Kit value $27
• Fruitful Freelancing - Low-Content Brainstorm Book value $20
• Printable Craze - How to Create Mockups for Printables value $35
• Color My Journals - Budget Planner Templates value $27
• Quick & Easy Creative Content - The Fabulous Floral Fun Template Pack with Covers value $27
• Busy Bee Content - 4 DFY Printable Journals (Monthly/Weekly Undated) - includes Giraffe, Zebra, Cactus & Houseplant PLR Journals value $54
• My Fair Ladies Printables Boutique - 126 Motivational Journaling and Planning Social Media Graphics - For Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest value $20
• Simple Happiness Biz - Motivation Journals and Journal Templates value $37
• PLR Creative Living Publishers - Digital Sticker Mega Pack value $47
• PlannerPreneur - Daily Essential Digital Stickers value $25
• Stephie The Happy Mom - 30 Health-Related Funny Sayings Coloring Pages value $17
• PLR of The Month Club - Done-For-You Digital Planner & Lead Magnet Extravaganza! value $97
Dream to Paper - Adorable Garden Printable Planner For Planting value $17
• Cherry-Ann Carew - How To Test Your Idea Before Creating A Product Or Service value $47
Light Worker PLR - "At Camp" Tarot / Oracle PLR & Printable Pack value $17
• Lori Winslow Online - Autumn Recipe Planner value $27
• Fearless Content - Color Me Profitable value $37
• Christiane Jechoux - Organize Your Home - Freezer & Pantry Printable Binder Inventory Sheets value $20
• Visual Tweaks - Fast Track Marketing with Video Workshop value $97
The Happy Journals PLR Club - 5 Crafty Creations Packs + a $15 Coupon value $65
Publish For Prosperity - Happiness is a Choice Report and Planner Pack value $37
Beautiful Planners and Journals - 30 Day Gratitude Journal with covers value $47
Zen PLR - Beautiful Butterflies Journal Templates PLR Pack value $67
I Am Affirmation - My Self Love Journal value $17
Strategic PLR - DFY Cute Flower Pots Coloring Kit value $97

===>>> Get it here: Ruthie's 2nd Annual Birthday Bash



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