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OOH!! Sneak Peak At Ruthie's B'Day Bash Bundle!!

Leather Journal
Hi, Everyone!

And another week starts - or at least that is what I am told. To be perfectly honest, without the normal breaks in our routine, Tuesday was movie night (AT&T's 2 for one!), Thursday half-price burger night, etc., every day is melting into the next one right now. I used to at least be able to keep track by the TV shows on that night - but we watch everything on-demand now, so that is NO help at all....I am sooooo lost somedays....

There are 2 big events coming up this week - Thursday, it's Ruthie's 2nd Annual Birthday Bash, and then on the 1st, a brand new giveaway, The Healthy, Wealthy & Wise Giveaway. Of course, everyone is very familiar with Ruthie's events - and yes!! I have 4 BRAND NEW DIGITAL PLANNERS in there this year (2 full size and 2 minis to build your list), which are easily worth the price of the bundle!! She has several new names this year, too - folks that are not normally in bundles, such as Kristie Chiles and her daughter (she did those ADORABLE stickers a couple of months ago, remember?)

And that is one of the new full-size planners that I did for the bundle - complete with snap button and leather 'stitching'! I will be giving you a sneak at our contribution every day this week ;-)

The Healthy, Wealthy & Wise Giveaway is brand new, by former TV producer, Kae Wagner. Kae started this group a few months ago and, as a group, this event came together! It's been a lot of fun, and I have learned a lot from Kae. She's an excellent teacher and has several more events planned for the group in the coming months!
This event features excellent content across several verticals - and I can promise you that there are a lot of fresh new faces here with ORIGINAL content - it's not re-hashed and over-used as is often the case with Giveaways. Starts August 1, but you can do the Early Bird thing here: The Healthy, Wealthy & Wise Giveaway

So between July 6th & August 7th - I will have actively participated in 5 Bundle/Giveaway event deadlines to hit, and had a submission deadline for another one, while doing the newsletter every day (I think I missed 2 in the last 30 days) and doing two weekly Zoom chats - and one 'coach' argued with me yesterday (after I said no to her over-priced services) that she could teach me to be more productive. Yes, I could be, but I think my moola would be better spent on a VA that can actually help with the workload, rather than paying someone to tell me to hire a VA..... ;-)

Yeah, I am not a very coachable student, sorry!!
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If you want CONTENT - LOTS OF CONTENT - then I strongly urge you to take a look at Paul Nicholl's "GOLDEN PLR". This bundle includes 42 of Paul's video trainings, and more 300 videos. Most come with sales pages and the content is pretty current. I am using mine to set up mini-courses to use as lead magnets for a new site that I am creating. What will you use yours for? AT a price of around $17.00 for the whole bundle, it's a steal!

• It's not often that I recommend software anymore, but this is one that I just bought this am from Richard Fairbairn and his crew: Marketer's Boost. You know those neat little 'social conversion' boxes that pop up on a site and tell you that someone just purchased the product? Well, this software gives you a total of 24 DIFFERENT little goodies to add to your website to boost your sales and conversions, and I snapped this one up as soon as I saw it! This is not a WP plugin, just a snippet of code that you add to your website, so you can use it on any site. Sorry - no bonus on this one for you! HINT: You get a discount if you start to leave the page, BUT if you want to offer the service to your clients or local businesses - stay on the page and pay the full price and you get several bonuses, including AGENCY RIGHTS!
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• Here's a RARE chance to stock up on Ruthie's Digital gorgeous papers - Ruthie is retiring them all, and will no longer be selling them after this event! The colors are gorgeous, and there is something for virtually every taste here. You can buy individual packs or the whole bundle!
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• From Lori Winslow - My Business In A Binder!
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• From Fran at The Happy Journals Club, a beautiful New Mom Journal! This is really lovely and I think will be a good seller.
BONUS: I love this theme and you will love the 5 new covers I am working on! Will be ready for you Monday
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Go rock the world this week - with your mask and gloves of course.....
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