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I Just Thought We Needed Something Serene Today

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Hi, Everyone!

Do you ever have those weeks where you are busy every single freaking minute and feel like you accomplished nothing? LOL! Yeah, this is one of those! My hubby had his medical procedure, and although it was actually only 10 minutes (!!), it ate up most of the day, with travel time, wait time, stress time - you know how that goes - a telemed appt for my mom, a scare with one of the kitties that had me at the vet on Monday (all ok!! false alarm) and then the usual stuff that crops up every day with your online business. I do not even want to get into the email stuff again...

And yes, the sales still came in, and the revenue streams kept working for me. And most importantly? MY LIST KEPT GROWING!

Everyone these days talks about the "Laptop Lifestyle" and sells the concept with pictures of folks lying on their beach lounge with a laptop and a Corona, but for most of us...the real impact of having an online business is not lying on the beach (I WISH!!) but instead it's being able to deal with LIFE without having to ask someone else's permission to take your aging parent to the doctor or your kittie to the vet. Oh yeah, bosses are usually real understanding about sick pets, right?

So this week, while I was busy dealing with life, I added more than 400 names to my list, thanks to 3 events that I participated in, and a Pinterest campaign that costs me $3.00 per day.

You can't get a Starbucks for that.

And the best part?
This time last year my list was just about the
same size as what I added this week.

Now, obviously, you can't always be in that many events every week - but there are activities that we can and should be doing every day to see new optins. I set some pretty aggressive goals at the beginning of COVID, and figured if I was going to be stuck at home, I might as well make the most of it, and so I have done nothing but focus on building and growing my list.

And all I want to do is let you all know, that no matter where you are today - even if you have zero people on your list right now - you can change that, and with minimal expense, just consistency and perseverance. Put yourself out there and it WILL happen!


The Once A Year Event Is Almost Over!
BC Stack
It's Done July 25!!

Unless you have been living in a cave for the past few days, you have heard about BC Stack. If all you want is PLR content, then obviously this is NOT the bundle for you (wait til July 30th when Ruthie's Birthday Bash launches - THAT one is for you!!).

But....if you are still struggling with putting together all of the pieces to make your online efforts into online income, then I ruge you to give this bundle some serious consideration.

Not everything will be a great fit today - but as you move through every phase of your growth - I can assure you that you will a relevant course or product to push you through to the next level.

Our Pinterest implementation group is rocking - people are LEARNING, and the pieces of the puzzle are falling into place for them. This is NOT an easy business, I don't care what the gurus say, and you need education, and sometimes, yes, you need some hand-holding.

It will be you - the folks who buy BC Stack through our link - that will decide what our implementation series will be, but whatever the topic, I promise you that it will range far beyond that.

So as the clock ticks down on this bundle event - I am going to up the game and give you a bonus that is over-the-top and I hope pretty darn irresistible!! I really can't add any more to this one!


Current bonus offer:
  • Promo Code that can be used three times for 25% off ANY purchase (no expiry)(Valued up to $110.00)
  • Promo code any 2 planners from the new digital bundle dropping shortly (it's a fully dated one!) (Valued up to $54.00)
  • The group will choose a topic for an implementation project - minimum of three 90 minute live sessions, with replays (our Pinterest group has been amazing - we just wrapped our 4th session, and about 11 hrs of video so far) (Value: PRICELESS!)
  • NEW BONUS: Pick any current or future product released within the next 90 days for free. Yes, this means that you can even get the super bundle of ANY Toolkit we release. Value of this bonus is up to $147!!


(And yes - if you already purchased through our link - you get the new bonuses too!!)


New Today!!

• From Lori Winslow - My Business In A Binder!
This is one of those great 'core' products that you can pick up dirt cheap and use to create a ton of products. Use promo code BINDER to get it now for $9.95
BONUS: Lorrie doesn't include covers, so pick it up through our link, and we will add 5 covers (ready Monday)
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• From Fran at The Happy Journals Club, a beautiful New Mom Journal! This is really lovely and I think will be a good seller.
BONUS: I love this theme and you will love the 5 new covers I am working on! Will be ready for you Monday
===>>> CHECK IT OUT HERE: New Mom Journal!



Please send your receipt to:
[email protected]
Please put BONUS in the subject line!!


That's it for now - and I am cleaning out some digital goodies in the archives so be sure to see what we have for Friday Freebies this week - you never know what I will find when I start digging around in there....
P.S. You can reach us by simply responding to this email - we actually do respond!! See all of our products or login to your Member's area at PLRoftheMonth.club

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