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Tacos Are My Spirit Animal
Hi, Everyone!

This is a totally promo free newsletter today! Why?? Because sometimes life just gets in the way, and today, a lot of things expired, and that meant adding all-new promos, and all-new links and all-new bonuses.

And there was no way I could do all that AND find our usual great tutorials. Since having a Tutorial Tuesday Newsletter without tutorials made very little sense - even to me - I made an executive decision and ditched the promos in favor of content ;-)

And, yes, I did have tacos. There are some things that you just cannot let life get in the way of 🌮🌮🌮

BC STACK BONUS UPDATES: I am working through the list of BC Stack customers, and will have the survey form late tomorrow or early Thursday for our implementation topics, and will have all of you on a separate email list shortly. I will announce in the general newsletter when the survey form is ready, too, so you will know if you are not on the group email list, and we can get you added.


And Now:

Tutorial Tuesday!

• From ElegantThemes - 7 Types of Blog Posts that Generate Traffic & Engagement (And How to Create Them)
BTW - I have complained recently about the last several changes to Divi - their flagship product slowing down the editing process.Not sure what happened over the weekend, but it is now significantly faster! YEA!! I have used most WP site builders on the market today, and I still think that this is one of the best available.

• Affinity is the hot new PhotoShop replacement - and so much easier on the wallet! Design Cuts is sponsoring free training for the next 3 days!! Register here

In our Pinterest Group call today, we had a discussion on CNames, what they are used for, and how to set them up, so I did some digging to find a decent explanation. LOL NOT EASY!! But this is a good clear explanation

Some awesome Canva Tutorials!!
101 Designs That Your Probably Didn't Know You Can Create With Canva
Create Your Brand With Canva!
• Just starting out with Canva? Beginner's Canva Tutorial

• Up your Facebook game! From SocialMediaExaminer.com: How to Create a Facebook Organic Sales Funnel

Well, that should be enough to keep you busy for a couple of days!
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