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Hi, Everyone!

I almost died laughing reading an article in a newsletter today about "Zoom Shirts". These are shirts that newly stuck-at-home employees keep handy so that they can look pulled together if they have to jump on a Zoom chat. The article went on to state that in order to keep your motivation and productivity up, you should fix your hair and do your makeup every day, and wear regular clothes, not sweatpants, every day.

Now, I realize that I may be old and grumpy, but I wasn't when I first left the corporate world. Ok, well that is half true because I was grumpy, but still, I am not going to do the whole corporate clothing and makeup routine to 'stay motivated'. For me, I have always found the simple need to keep a roof over my head and food on the table to be far more motivating than what I was wearing. So, yes that is a Zoom shirt hanging behind the bathroom door off my office - and those are summer-weight sweat shorts on the bottom half. And yup, I am totally motivated cuz the mortgage is due in 10 days, and I have 3 kitties to feed!

Last week I had to get cleaned up for 4 Zoom calls and
my husband thought I was seeing someone online ;-)

===>>> It's always nice when you promote a product and actually get THANK YOU notes from folks that bought it!! And yes that is exactly what has happened with the BC Stack Bundle! This is really and truly the best value of the many 'education' bundles that come out during the year - and personally, I think it is a better value than one that recently sold for $395.

There are 64 EXPERTS and me (!), and a lot of names that you will recognize from multiple niches. The bundle really does include something to cover just about every aspect of running your online business.

It's in its 6th year - and is SO popular that almost 50% of the buyers now will also buy the deeply discounted 2021 version at the same time - a YEAR before it is released and without a clue as to who is in the next bundle. Because it doesn't matter - that's how good the BC Stack reputation is.

Here are some of my top picks from the bundle - mainly because I am on a Pinterest and blogging rampage right now, both focused on my list building:

• Cindy Bidar - Funnels 101
• Connie Ragen Green - Really Simple Authority Blogging
• Kerry Beck - How to Add 100 Email Subscribers Every Month
• Donna Kozik - Four Ways to Collect Email Addresses Using Free Offers
• Karen Smallcalder -The Ultimate Pinterest Design Mini-Course
• Monica Froese - Pin Practical Primer Starter Kit
• Krista Miller - Running a Virtual Summit: Starter Kit
• Jennifer Maker Marx - BLOG BOUNDLESS: How to build a blog like a 7-figure blogger
• Kim Jacobson - Webinar-in-a-Box
• Ray Brehm - Bookfunnels 101
• Tracy Roberts & Susanne Myers - The Smart Marketer's Guide To Outsourcing Content Marketing
• Debbie Gartner - Lessons from making $20,000/month
• Amber Fox - Creating Printables: Quick Start Course
• Steve Olsher - Lifetime Subscription to Podcast Magazine
• Rachel Newcomb - Easy List Growth: How to Build Your Email List with Partnerships

===>>> Check it out here: BCStack Bundle $47!!

BONUS!! After the great fun AND PROGRESS we have been seeing in the Pinterest implementation group for Kristie Chiles's Affiliate Pinning Success, I am ready to do another implementation group. So far a lot of people seem to be interested in blogging, but I will put up a survey later this week, so we do this fairly. While this will be put up to vote for the folks that buy the bundle, if we have a tie or close to it on 2 topics, we will hold 2 sessions. REGARDLESS - the sessions will only be available if you buy through our link!

You will ALSO get TWO of the new 2021 Digital Planner designs that will be released shortly plus 3 promo codes for 25% off any future purchase. These will be good for any purchases over the coming 12 months. And if you already have the planners that we contributed, let me know and we will make a swap for you.
===>>> Check it out here: BCStack Bundle $47!!

If you were one of the early buyers -
you get the additional bonuses, too!!
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You won't be sorry that you picked this one up - this is different than anything else that comes along during the year. This is about learning and building your business. This is about giving yourself the tools to hit the next level.

And we CAN do this together!

Are You A Content Creator?

We recently started a new feature, The Creator's Corner, and featured Catherine B., owner of ContentAccelerators.com and Creator of excellent courses for you
Affinity lovers! Next week, we will be featuring Ruthie Bowers of Ritchie Media -
and could the next one be YOU???

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Summer Sizzlin' is the new giveaway event from Carolyn Hansen and Scott Case, and has a good selection of products (about 60) with a heavy slant towards self-help and personal dev. We have 2 mini-planners in this one and each one comes with a $25 credit for any future purchases with us!
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I picked up some interesting things over the weekend - and if I like them - you will hear about them tomorrow - and if not, they will quietly disappear.....

I should have all of the outstanding bonuses finished tonight and if you don't see in your member area tonight, it will be there early tomorrow!


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