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Hi, Everyone!

This is a VERY rare "single product promotional email from me! In fact, I don't think I have EVER done this before!!

The BC STACK Bundle went live at midnight, (sorry I was not awake then!) and I wanted to see what was actually IN the bundle before I mailed today. We have known WHO was in for a week now, but even us contributors had not seen the products until it was launched at midnight and I can honestly say it is an INCREDIBLE VALUE!!

There are 59 EXPERTS and then there is me (!), and to be honest, I am still blown away to be included in this group! Each contributor brings to the bundle one of their premier courses and the variety is just amazing! What I love most is that there are at least 3 courses in this bundle that I wanted to buy and had put off because, well, you just can't always buy EVERYTHING!!

And now, actually, you can for a fraction
of what just one of these products would normally cost!

Here are some of my top picks from the bundle - mainly because I am on a Pinterest and blogging rampage right now, both focused on my list building:

• Donna Kozik - Four Ways to Collect Email Addresses Using Free Offers
• Karen Smallcalder -The Ultimate Pinterest Design Mini Course
• Monica Froese - Pin Practical Primer Starter Kit
• Krista Miller - Running a Virtual Summit: Starter Kit
• Jennifer Maker Marx - BLOG BOUNDLESS: How to build a blog like a 7-figure blogger
• Kim Jacobson - Webinar-in-a-Box
• Ray Brehm - Bookfunnels 101
• Tracy Roberts & Susanne Myers - The Smart Marketer's Guide To Outsourcing Content Marketing
• Debbie Gartner - Lessons from making $20,000/month
• Amber Fox - Creating Printables: Quick Start Course
• Steve Olsher - Lifetime Subscription to Podcast Magazine
• Rachel Newcomb - Easy List Growth: How to Build Your Email List with Partnerships
• Cindy Bidar - Funnels 101
• Connie Ragen Green - Really Simple Authority Blogging
• Kerry Beck - How to Add 100 Email Subscribers Every Month

===>>> Check it out here: BCStack Bundle $47!!

BONUS!! Ok after seeing this bundle, and after the great fun we have been having in the Pinterest implementation group for Kristie Chiles's Affiliate Pinning Success, I am ready to do another implementation group. I am thinking that as a group, we would pick a topic, such as Blogging, since there are a LOT of blogging products in this bundle, and do a 6-week implementation series? I LOVE building blogs, and have tons of themes and plugins that I hold dev rights to, so we can help you build your blog from the ground up if that is what we decide on. But this will be put up to vote for the folks that buy the bundle. If we have a tie or close to it on 2 topics, we will hold 2 sessions.

You will ALSO get one of the new 2021 Digital Planner designs that will be released later this month (your choice) plus 3 promo codes for 25% off any future purchase. These will be good for any purchases over the coming 12 months. And if you already have the planners that we contributed, let me know and we will make a swap for you.
===>>> Check it out here: BCStack Bundle $47!!

If you were one of the early buyers -
you get the additional bonuses, too!!
Just reach out and remind me, and I
will make sure you are on the list to get everything!!

You won't be sorry that you picked this one up - this is different than anything else that comes along during the year. This is about learning and building your business. This is about giving yourself the tools to hit the next level.

And we CAN do this together!


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