July 6
Hi, Everyone!

Yes, it's Monday already but most importantly, FOOTBALL SEASON HAS STARTED.
Now it is not that I am a football fan, although I have learned to be since joining this family, but Bob and his boys are true fanatics. That means he belongs to 3 Fantasy Football leagues and will be glued to the TV Monday, Thursday (soon), and Sunday. Some wives might complain about this, but not me because it means blessed quiet time for me in the office. LOL. Of course, there IS the constant moaning and groaning over his fantasy teams, but that is another story altogether. Bob is a wonderfully patient and understanding hubby 99% of the time but it gets even better this time of the year ;-)

The Start Your Side Hustle Giveaway continues to grow:

63 Gifts!!!
1926+ optins

We may be extending it a week as I know it is tough to get everything downloaded in such a short time and there ARE a lot of gifts you do not normally see in a free event. This is NOT all PLR either, so if you need help in some aspect of your biz - you just might find what you are looking for here

Want to see who and what all is inside so you can plan your trek better? Download this handy Download tracker from Ruthie, which lists all of the products and creators HERE (You still need to download the gifts from the member area).

A Bit of Inspiration:
I was looking at my Pinterest ad stats for the campaign this and wound up somewhere down the road as I often do - Pinterest is my 'time waster' over Facebook) and found some delightful boards that the artsy side of me loved, so thought I would share with you all today for some planner creating inspo:
Art Journals
And one more

Unabashed Wordpress Plugin.....PLUG!!!
Last week I purchased Ankur Shukla's 1-Click Blog Post Plugin. It comes with an unlimited license, and is so easy to use it is almost ridiculous. You search for videos from inside the post, click the button and you have an article - one that is readable! Now, obviously you will want to re-write in your voice, add images etc - but what a TIME SAVER if you are doing niche blogs (and yes, these can be real money makers!). It's an unlimited license for only $22, but after seeing the quality, I am going to pick up the first OTO too, which adds the video and lets you do mass posts.
See my sample post - UNEDITED!! - HERE
===>>> Check it out here: 1-Click Blog Post Plugin


BC Stack Bonus Group: Session 1 Replay is uploaded and ready. Details have been sent out earlier today - please reach out if you did not receive!

Ruthie's Birthday Bash Bonus Session 2: Our next Zoom is 3:00 PM EST Tuesday, Sept. 15. Details have been sent out earlier today - please reach out if you did not receive!


===>>> Fall is in the air - and D'vorah has the perfect cover kit for it - these are gorgeous! Check the newest one out HERE
ALL of her kits are pure eye candy, and I love them! The funny thing is that I had actually bought through D'vorah's Etsy store BEFORE I ever knew her!! You can see ALL of her designs HERE

===>>> And don't forget - D'vorah's Etsy course is on sale through the end of the month -
we will be doing our implementation series starting with Session 1 on October 7 WITH the lady herself joining us. This is an awesome chance to get your Etsy store in shape for the holidays! Check it out now: Become a Digital Shop Owner 2.0

===>>> Speaking of eye candy...Ruthie released a beautiful hexagon 18-month planner pack today - check it out HERE and be sure to use coupon code FLASH25 for 25% off at checkout (through Sept 18)

New Today!
Becky at PLRBeach is launching a new Small Business Planner. This is unique because she is offering this one in both a ready-made 8.5 x 11 PDF and individual InDesign files (31 unique templates) that can also be edited in Affinity Publisher.
Use coupon code LIKEABOSS after 9am EST Monday to save $10 now through September 25th


And yes, we should be back on our regular publishing schedule soon!!
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