Hi, Everyone!

Ok, I admit it. I am swamped. Missed a newsletter. Did not have time to dig up my usual wonderful freebies for you BUT I have been busy putting together an AMAZING group of folks for our Start Your Side Hustle Giveaway AND CONTEST!!!

So far we have 35+ gifts already in and approved (with almost a week left to launch so we will have more!) PLUS 10 Prizes worth more than $1500 total!

Many of the contributors come from our Tuesday and Thursday groups, but we also have some outstanding gifts from well-known names in the biz coaching and start-up space, and in some cases, gifts AND prizes!

Our event launches on September 10, and the contest will actually open a few days earlier. I am not going to drop a link here today because I KNOW you will be hearing about it from enough folks in the coming week!

If you have never been in a giveaway, it's a fun way to build your list. We have made a lot of great connections and a wonderful community has come out of the event. We hope to have similar events in October & November, too, so if you want to come join us, just reach out and let me know. Everyone is welcome - just remember that the topic is all about starting that side hustle!!

And next week - we will be back on our regular schedule and I will have a whole new batch of freebies for you - promise!


Big Sales and Great Launches!

From Lynette at Thrive Anywhere:
  • Save 20% when you buy 2 to 3 products.
  • Save 45% when they buy 4 or more products.
No coupon needed, just stock up the shopping cart and have FUN!!
===>>> Lynette's Big Sale!!

From Catherine at Content Accelerators:
A gorgeous set of Digital Cover Templates for Affinity Designer! This is a set of 6 cover styles, each with front, back, and open layouts that can be filled with any pattern or texture that you want. Editable coils and rings included as well as a set of 8 tutorial videos covering each style's editing options, building new coils/rings, and adding backgrounds/exporting. Catherine is the Queen of Affinity training so you really want to check this one out! $10 discount through Sept. 10 - no coupon needed/
===>>> Digital Cover Templates for Affinity Designer

From Lori Winslow "My Affiliate Business in a Binder"
If you liked Loris "My Business in a Binder" from last month you will love this one! Launch price is only $9.95 with promo code
AFFILIATE through Thursday September 10, 2020. THIS IS A FANTASTIC PRODUCT TO CONVERT TO DIGITAL if you bought D'vorah's course!!

Trying to get your PLR piles under control? Check out Rachel's PLR Organization Strategies Power Pack! HINT: If you bought D'vorah's course, This is a PERFECT product to convert to DIGITAL!!! It includes both written content and planner templates and is a perfect product to take digital with the techniques we recently learned! Get $10 off with coupon code CLEANUP now through Tuesday the 8th

•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••Erica Stone: RecurMe Commissions

Well, this is a sign of how busy I have been this past week - this launched on the 27th, and I just saw it for the first time last night! And yes, I purchased it too! First of all, everything that Erica puts out is top-notch, and original - and this is no exception. Yes there have been other products on recurring commissions - but none have gone into the depth and detail that Erica has - this not only includes 140 recurring commission programs, but she also has included sales stats for the programs, EPCs, refund rates, and suggested hashtags.
===>>> CHECK IT OUT HERE: RecurMe Commissions

New To aMember??

aMember is probably the most widely used membership & affiliate management software in the PLR niche today. It is stable, feature-rich and since so many of us use it - it makes it much easier for customers AND affiliates! I have been using it for about a year now and am FAR from being an expert - however, Lynette and Kelly ARE experts when it comes to aMember! Their course, Member Skills, will get you up and running in no time!
===>>> CHECK IT OUT HERE: Member Skills


Have a fun and safe weekend!!! YES, A WEEKEND!!!
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