Hi, Everyone!

If you missed our Open Office Hours yesterday - wow. What a session - lots of topics covered, questions answered, products reviewed, and all in all - a pretty darned good day! Of course, a big topic was The Start Your Side Hustle Give and I have to say - things are moving along pretty well for it!

And to everyone entering their first Giveaway event - KUDOS!! It is not easy putting yourself out there - but the first step is taking action and you are doing it!

The call details for both the Birthday Bonus Bash (Session 1) and the Thursday Office Hours will be posted Saturday - seems once again, we are over our storage at Zoom, and I have to upload everything to Dropbox.

We are also putting together a major VIRAL CONTEST to help promote the giveaway! If you have a course or product that you would be interested in donating - this is an exceptional opportunity to increase your list size quickly and substantially!!
This is NOT the same as the Giveaway event itself - this is a Viral Contest that we are using to promote the Giveaway, and you will only give away ONE prize but it should be of a higher value than what you might offer in a giveaway event where many will be downloading your gift. Hit reply for full details on how you can participate.


• Niranjan and BP are back with a real winner this time with their Instant Puzzle Generator! And this IS a sweetheart piece of software! Browser-based so it works for both Mac and PC, it lets you choose from more than 900 fonts, and customize virtually every aspect of the end result from finished size, to format and colors used!

BONUS: Because it is so flexible, it lends itself very well to being 'filler' content to other products - word games are a super way to upgrade your planners and journals ;-), so I will create 2 new 30-day mini-planners with word games included! One for every day - these make GREAT lead magnets!
===>>> CHECK IT OUT HERE: Instant Puzzle Generator!

Jimmy Brown just launched his 20th Anniversary PLR Bundle with over 1,000 pages of REAL content and he continues to add to this bundle every day!
A phenomenal value, Jimmy (AKA "The Man Who Invented PLR" continues to put out high-quality content that us USEABLE!! Today's addition: a 50-page set of membership site worksheets, never before released - they are not even mentioned on the sales page yet!

This is a GREAT BONUS, if I do say so myself!! There are two 31-Day
Guides in this bundle, one is titled "The 31-Day Guide To Profitable Packages" which is a 31-day course on creating your new product!! So for this bonus - I am going to create a DIGITAL version of this guide, with cover and HYPERLINKS!!! IMAGINE CREATING A FULL COURSE AND GIVING AWAY A DIGITAL VERSION TOO!
This will take about 10 days, but this is a great way to re-purpose this content ;-)
===>>> Check it out here: Jimmy Brown's 20th Anniversary Sale (coupon code is on the page!)


To collect your bonuses:
Please send your receipt with the word
"BONUS" in the subject line to:

[email protected]


Friday Freebies:

We have some really great free resources for you today:

Facebook Helps Small Businesses With Ticketed Virtual Events

• I LOVE this one from Adobe: drop a document in and get a color wheel or gradients created or create your own from scratch! No need to have an Adobe account either!

Expanded Ecommerce on Facebook & Instagram & This Week’s Digital Marketing News

• Best and best kept-up-to-date guide to Social Media Image Sizes

• From our friends at Dribble - 8 Best Free Font Resource for Designers (and do remember that "free" and "commercial use" are not always the same!

6 Websites That Offer Free Images - For Commercial USe ;-) Yes, the usual suspects are included but there were a couple of new ones for me!

That's it for today - I have to get these videos uploaded to Dropbox and they are going to take a while because they are HUGE files!
Have a fabulous weekend!

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