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It's Tuesday, so of course, we have Tutorials today!! And if I do say so myself - there are some really good ones in the mix today! One to take note of right now is the guide to Wordpress plugins as the latest update is causing major issues to many WordPress users as many of the most common plugins and themes are 'broken', including the "Classic Editor" plugin, which allows you to use the old version of the editor, rather than the new Gutenberg editor.

And personally, I love the WordPress but if you are new to it, I strongly recommend that you stick with the Classic Editor. Yes, the new blocks system does give you lots of design capability, but if you are new to blogging, it can also be overwhelming. And as we have seen in our Zoom sessions over the last few weeks, there are already enough puzzle pieces to deal with - why make blogging more complicated than it needs to be??

The recent issues are serious enough that I may be pushing our BC Stack blogging sessions back by one week in the hopes that things are cleared up by then! I will keep you posted, and will make the announcement by Friday if we decide to do that. If that happens, we will simply start on Sept. 1, and extend the last session to Sept 18.

Some great giveaways still going on:
JVOLOGY Summer Giveaway
This event is divided into 6 different niches to make it easy to find what you want, and there are some fantastic gifts available, but it is HUGE, so you really just want to download what you think you will use, rather than bury yourself and your hard drive with stuff you won't use!You can drop in at facebook.com/likejayfiset/ for full details and a reminder set-up, too. Ruthie Bowers is on the hot seat today - I think her chat is at 4:00 PM EST?

The Healthy, Wealthy & Wise Giveaway
This has been the surprise 'sleeper' event of the summer! Lots of great feedback on this one, and they have extended it an extra week. Kudos to organizer Kae Wagner for running a 'class act' event!

The Build Your Successful Online Business Giveaway
This monthly event has several new gifts this month, so worth your time to stop in and see what is new! BTW - this one tends to accept new contributors throughout the event, so it's a good idea to visit a couple of times during the event


Ruthie's BDay Bundle Bonus Session #1

As scheduled previously, our first Zoom session is Today, August 18 at 2:00 PM EST. I will be sending out the Zoom session login details again this afternoon! If you do NOT receive them, please hit 'reply' to this email and let me know! Our second session will be based on the feedback from this one. REPLAYS WILL BE AVAILABLE!!
Tools for Motivation Aniversary Sale!

This is a big sale with some of their top sellers at deep discounts!
Each product is on sale from 11am on the launch day until 11am the next morning, so if you see something you want - don't wait!!


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Transform Your Content into
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You still have time to pick this up - it's a fantastic way to take that PLR sitting on your hard drive and add it to those PLR planners and Journals ALSO sitting on your hard drive to create an end product that is totally unique!

BONUS: The course is fantastic - but as stated on her sales page, D'vorah does not dive into the intricacies of hyperlinking the finished product. So for my bonus, I am going to do a live Zoom session where we will create a new digital workbook using the templates from our Toolkit #7 - "30 Days To A Level 10 Life" and then add it to a 30-day Digital Mini-Planner AND add the tabs and links to the new content plus create your hyperlinked index page!! - and do it all on a Zoom session so you can ask questions throughout the process. This session will take place mid-September as we have the other bonus sessions starting next week, and everyone will get the finished product as well!

Use Coupon Code: WORKBOOK at checkout to get you $20 off through midnight, Thursday, August 27th.
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Tuesday Tutorials!!

• From ShoutMeLoud.com: 8 Top SEO Content Optimization Tools To Gain Authority in 2020 - an excellent and detailed review piece on the top tools to gain SEO traction with your content

From ConvertKit: How to become a world-class podcast interviewer Excellent Zoom session on the ins and outs of interviewing! Definitely an art form and a good interviewer certainly can help make the whole process a LOT less scary! I've recently been interviewed by both Ruthie Bowers and Ellen Finkelstein, and both interviews were fun, friendly and not at all scary, so thank you to both ladies! My recent chat with Ellen can be seen here: Ellen Interviews Mel!!

From Neil Patel: How To Use Events To Optimize Your Facebook & Google Ads
Still struggling to get traffic? Paid ads can be a viable alternative if you optimize your funnel end-to-end - and this is a great look at where to start!

WPEngine gives us this look at The Top WordPress Plugins
This is from December 2019, but still pretty up to date, and a great place to start your search for a specific plugin. This one lists both free and paid plugins.

From Social Media Examiner: With so many more people working from home, and spending more time online - this is a very timely topic: How To Optimize Your Social Media Posts For The Visually Impaired. It's often difficult for us small independents to do all that we want to to make our sites work for everyone - but let's do what we can to be as inclusive as possible!

From Kinsta today: Looking for something other than Slack to communicate and collaborate? Here's a great and very detailed list of 10 Free Slack Alternatives
Kinsta also has an excellent WordPress tips newsletter worth signing up for!


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