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Hi ya!!

What could be better than spending the afternoon with an AMAZING group of people and THEN finding new Cat coloring pages in your inbox??? I know, I know - it just doesn't get much better than that, does it?

Seriously, I have to give a shout out to the peeps that have been spending time with me for the last several weeks on our Zoom sessions. It's been so much fun seeing the progress that has been and in such a short time!! Participating in their first bundle, adding 200+ subscribers to a brand new list, getting thousands of views on a Pin and so much more! To say that it has been fun is an understatement!

But as wonderful as all of this progress has been - the SPIRIT of this group has been the best part - it's become a resource where everyone feels comfortable to bring their questions, from product issues to website quandries, and someone usually has an answer. In fact, most of the time - several answers are offered!

It's a warm, caring, sharing, and safe space for all, and I just wanted to say a great big "THANK YOU" to everyone that was on the call today, because you made everyone's day a better one for being there. ;-) And mine, especially!!

Today's video will be posted tomorrow and the link will be sent out to the registered group members tomorrow -


New Today!!

Transform Your Content into
Digital Workbooks

This is a fabulous new course from D'vorah Lansky that is a new and creative way to repurpose your existing content into digital format. This is a BRILLIANT way to customize your PLR digital planners with just a bit of creativity and put that PLR written content to good use! D'vorah has added some great bonuses too, including one of her actual original digital workbooks! AND - with the new Digital Download program at Amazon for schoolkids - this might be a great way to reach that market with your activity and learning product?
BONUS: The course is fantastic - but as stated on her sales page, D'vorah does not dive into the intricacies of hyperlinking the finished product. So for my bonus, I am going to do a live Zoom session where we will create a new digital workbook using the templates from our Toolkit #7 - "30 Days To A Level 10 Life" and then add it to a 30-day Digital Mini-Planner AND add the tabs and links to the new content plus create your hyperlinked index page!! - and do it all on a Zoom session so you can ask questions throughout the process. This session will take place mid-September as we have the other bonus sessions starting next week, and everyone will get the finished product as well!
Use Coupon Code: WORKBOOK at checkout to get you $20 off through midnight, Thursday, August 27th.
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From Lady Rayven....
10 Crazy Cat Coloring Pages for FREE

Regular Price For 10 Pages is $15

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Get the One-Time-Only Upgrade Offer
50 More Cat Coloring Page Designs For $27
and I will add my own BONUS bundle of 5 cat coloring pages and 5 cat mandalas

(Please note: these are not new designs - some of you may already have these!)
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Healing with Crystals and Color Therapy

Gabby at Cup of Zen just released this huge new content bundle:
  • 5 + Pre-Written Blog Posts (Combined total of 3,698 words)
    • 27 Watercolor Crystal Graphics
    • 27 Patterns of Watercolor Crystals
    • 24-page Journal Layout in Canva and PowerPoint in 8.5×11, 8×10, 6×9, and A4 sizes
    • Commercial Use Rights
    BONUS!!! You know this is one of my favorite 'themes' to create covers for - I am creating a series of 5 new covers that will feature different crystals and their 'properties' - trust me, you will love these. While they are designed for covers, you can also use them as section dividers etc. These will be ready Monday!

    ===>>> Check it out here: Healing with Crystals and Color Therapy
    (use Coupon Code: crystalhealing to get a $20 discount this week!)


    Online Success For Beginners

    This just launched today and yes, I picked it up! This is a HUGE bundle that could easily be turned into a full course, turned into slides and a video course, or even broken up into blog posts or newsletters. It's a total of 40 pages and 17,270 words - and it's from Tiffany Lambert- what else do you need??
    BONUS: Get a $10 Off coupon for anything on our site when you buy through our link!
    ===>>> CHECK IT OUT HERE: Online Success For Beginners


    To collect your bonuses:
    Please send your receipt with the word
    "BONUS" in the subject line to:

    [email protected]

    Tomorrow is Freebie Friday!

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