Happy Almost New Year!

Just a quick update on additions we are making to the 365 Days Dated Planner Toolkit:

When we initially released the Toolkit, we did so with the months as separate documents, as many of you have had problems downloading larger docs in the past, so we felt that 12 thirty page documents would be easier for most of you than one massive 365 pager ;-)

Well, now several have asked for a compiled full year planner doc, as they want to upload to Amazon without having to compile the docs themselves (and yes, this can be a pain!) so we are doing it for you.

As of right now, the basic Gray Planner template is done and available in the Dropbox for both Option 1 and Option 2. The Option 2 Blue and Mint Templates will be uploaded by the end of the day, and the Peach and Pink Templates on Sunday. We should have the Journal and Weekly Templates done no later than Monday. As always, we want to give you as many options as possible to easily build your 'Zero Content Empire'.

And once again - here are all of the backgrounds now in your Option 2 Toolkit:
Gallery 1: Watercolor Florals
Gallery 2: Vintage Grunge, Botanical Brights & Shapely Borders
Gallery 3: Elegant Black & White Florals and Black & White Geo Doodles
Gallery 4: Printer-Friendly Backgrounds (In Gray, Blue, Mint, Peach and Pink to match the Planners - fantastic option if you want to do printables!)
Gallery 5: Coordinating Borders

And we are extending the Early Bird pricing through December 31, as many have asked us for a few days to recover from Christmas - TOTALLY understand that! So, no increase for a few more days!

Last but not least - several of you that purchased Option 1 have asked if you can pay the difference between the two bundles to upgrade, and the answer is YES, of course. Just contact us at melody@plrofthemonth.club, and we will give walk you through the process. You do NOT need to pay the full Option 2 price, since it includes Option 1 as well.

=> Check it out here: Toolkit #3: 2019 Done-For-You Dated Planners & Journal

And if you already purchased Option 2 - the new planners are in the Dropbox!
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