Today's Gift: 25 Original Gradient Papers

Good morning!

The sun is out this am, after a night of thunderstorms that had the cats under the covers most of the night. Rain and thunderstorms are supposed to return later today and continue throughout the week, but the weather forecasts have been wildly unreliable this spring, so who knows what will really happen?

But, the mess is mostly cleaned up for now, and I am close to caught up. Over the next few days, the newsletters will likely be briefer, and I won't be creating as many 'unique' bonuses as I hunker down to get the digital planner series out. I am loving this new project and very pleased with the way it is turning out, but as I had anticipated - a lot of tedious grunt work laying out the initial planner. As I have mentioned previously, I did not want to simply launch a 'digital' planner with a handful of templates, and a 'pretty' cover - I want to give everyone the tools to actually make money in this niche, because this is a huge and quickly growing niche, that I really do NOT think is going to die down anytime. I really think this is going to be an evergreen niche that you can earn from for years to come. I truly believe for many of us that this CAN become a solid passive income opportunity once you have your products set up!

This first set is an 'undated' planner but we were still able to put together a practical linking structure to make it very easy to use, with more than 100 links and 20++ templates & dividers. I know it's taken longer than we hoped for, but I do think it will be worth wait!

In the meantime - another gift for you from the 'archives' - a set of 25 Gradient Rainbow papers - these are great for covers or backgrounds, and look great on digital planners as well Get them here - no optin required! GRADIENT PAPERS

Coming up Monday - you won't want to miss this one! The G-Bird Fundraiser!

Kelly from Love People + Make Money has put together a HUGE bundle with a value of over $5000, with products from more than 60 peeps, to raise money for her nephew's battle with a very rare cancer. The sale launches tomorrow, and of course we have a product in there was well. And yes, I will be sending out more on the bundle tomorrow - but it is HUGE!!
BONUS: Buy through our link TOMORROW - and get any TWO toolkits - not just the planner but the ENTIRE TOOLKIT from the existing product line! That is a bonus of $100 - $180!!! Yes, we really want to get behind this cause and hope you will help!
===>>> Goes Live MONDAY G-Bird Fundraiser
(BTW - Sales page is live for viewing but buy button is not live yet if you want to take a peak!)

And now - a couple of new products out that I like this week:

• From Dvorah Lansky at Share Your Brilliance Designs
The Ultimate Cover Kit for Digital Planners is a brand new bundle of gorgeous teal & black covers, buttons and coils to customize your Digital Planners! As you know, we are just digging into the Digital Planner niche, which we discussed in-depth on the call yesterday, so I was delighted when one of our readers reached out with this gorgeous graphic kit just for your digital planners! And Dvorah was kind enough to give us a 20% discount on the launch price - just use promo code MEL20 at checkout!
===>>> See it here: The Ultimate Cover Kit for Digital Planners

Kuick List Builder

On the surface, this looks like another one of the herd of landing page/crappy product creators that have been launching one after the other lately. But it is NOT!! It basically does 2 things: a) Creates List-style Lead Magnets and b) creates landing pages to collect the leads you generate with your new Lead Magnet. My complaint with most every platform out there is that you are forced to send visitors to someone else's domain because your landing pages are 'hosted' for you! This process does NOTHING to promote and build YOUR branding! This one is a refreshing change as it includes a Wordpress plugin that lets you show your lead magnet on YOUR DOMAIN, as well as embedding your landing page on your own site as well. It also integrates with most of the top mailing list/autoresponder services - but you also have the option to download the leads via CSV. All in all, this is a great piece of software for a one-time fee. I purchased the FE and one OTO, but the FE is probably enough for most folks. Oh and the FE is a one-time fee which makes it even more attractive in my book!
BONUS: More Lead Magnets, of course! Get your choice of any 3 Lead Magnets from the current collection of 12 - but we will be adding more to the collection very soon so you can use your Lead Magnet Coupon any time! See the current collection here
===>>> Check it out here: Kuick List Builder


Curation Cloud

"Content curation" is a major buzz word these days. There have been literally tons of plugins and software that scrape content from other sites to post to yours, but the ethical and LEGAL ones have been rare and EXPENSIVE. The key is that although many sites aggregate content from multiple sources, to do it legally you either need a contractual relationship with these source sites or you need to provide credit to the source, and none of the recent reasonably-priced releases have done this. You also need full control over what it posted and when!

One of the greatest ways to create passive revenue streams is with monetized niche blogs. The basic 'set it and forget it' model still works, although I tend to be a little more hands-on these days since I lost one when I missed the renewal on the domain! I am still in early testing on this one, BUT one of the key things I like is that this is not simply an auto-blogger - it is more if a research tool & automation tool, that lets you have far more control over the what, where and when of your posts than the fully automated ones do.
Some of your options:
● Keyword search
● Time of content freshness (24 hours, 7 days, or forever)
● Sort by date or popularity
● Choose content source
● Minimum word count
● Only show content that has images

But the KEY feature for me is that it includes a citation for the SOURCE of the content, which is very important. It also creates a backlink to your own site when you post to social media.

Although you can post to unlimited blogs, the basic edition does not allow you to pull content from multiple or custom sources, that is only available in the Pro edition, but so far the source is working fine for my niches. The source used is ContentGems.com and you can get a free (very) limited-use account to see what it pulls up for your specific niche before investing in Curation Cloud.
This also an awesome tool if you are into website flipping - just build the site, load it up with niche content, and then remove the
Bonus: Our Content Planner/Scheduler is perfect for this! As always, this will be an updated version with 3 new Covers & Backgrounds, and of course, full PLR rights. This will be done early next week!
===>>> Check it out here: Curation Cloud


Want ideas for promoting your own business? Giveaways are a great way to check out lots of other entrepreneur's lead magnets in one place! If you don't want to get on a lot of new lists, set up a new email address to use for events - BUT I will also tell you that you can learn OODLES by signing up for newsletters and autoresponder sequences! It's the best way to see what works, what you like - and build up your own swipe file when you see something that really resonates with you:
• The Build Your Successful Online Business Giveaway
Scale Up and Grow Giveaway
Rewired for Revenue Giveaway

In case you missed these...
• I love AppSumo and practically stalk the place! This week a couple of HUGE freebies you do NOT want to miss:
• A little off topic but if you are an avid reader - did you know that Simon & Schuster offers BIG discounts on great books to their newsletter subscribers? Check it out here: https://www.simonandschuster.com/ - the newsletter sign-up form is about half-way down the page ;-)

Tutorials & Articles worth your time:
• Neil Patel: 30 Lessons After 30 Million Visitors
• Matt Garrett: How to Get Approved As An Affiliate On WarriorPlus (Matt's been around forever, first met him on the original Warrior Forum - I consider him one of the 'good guys')
• Entreperneur.com: A Look at the Latest Google Core Update
• Great article on the SEO power of Guest Posting:

And that is it for this morning, cuz, folks, I got a PILE of work to hammer through to get caught up!!

Enjoy the day and above all - be smart and stay safe! A burger and beer is not worth your life, so be careful and smart when you go out!


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