A Peek At The Upcoming Digital Planners!! WOOT!!

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Wheee!!!! It's Wednesday!!

Not sure what difference that makes, but I need to celebrate SOMETHING today, and Wednesday won, ok? LOL! Yes, I ALWAYS find the bright side, even if it means getting out my can of yellow paint and the glitter!

First of all, thank you to everyone that reached out yesterday - your emails were amazing, touching and truly appreciated! I am still answering all of them! And to those of you that have had similar experiences with Facebook? Those morons don't know what they are missing by kicking us all out! We are good, strong and resilient people, and we added value to their community! And it is certainly a strong lesson on why we all need to be on more than one platform and we need to make sure we have as much control over our money sites as possible!

Secondly, although I am away from my desktop and working is stalled a bit, I did want to share a peek at the new digital planner designs! The first set is undated, but FAR more hyperlinked than most I have seen with PLR so far. There are 12 months, with 6 weeks set up for those long months that often have split calendar boxes, and EACH week in EVERY month is linked to a weekly page. There are additional templates for daily, to-do, contacts, grid, dot, lined and blank. You can start selling them without changing a thing ;-). Not sure how many designs we will launch with but it will be at least 5, probably more.

Fortunately, we did not get the second huge storm that was predicted for yesterday, so the waters are slowly receding in the basement. We are fortunate in that ours is not river flooding, it is due to artesian springs in the area, so when the ground gets soaked - it hits the basements in the neighborhood. But it also recedes faster than the river flooding does, so that's a good thing!

Many of you have asked if we are still doing our Thursday SEO & Traffic Chat, and the answer is YES!! I should be back in my office by then, but I can do the chat from my iPad if absolutely necessary. We had a great time last week, and hope that you can join us tomorrow. The group is a good mix of "old pros" that have been online since dinosaurs roamed the web, total newbies, and everything in between, so there is a place for you no matter what your level of expertise. Tomorrow we are discussing the ins and outs of Guest Posting & Product Reviews, and how to do them the right way for linking purposes. Bring your questions and your ideas and join us:

Time: May 21, 2020 03:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)
Join Zoom Meeting: https://zoom.us/j/98396888681?pwd=Y05GanIxN1FZYmllL0ZvUGpUNnhwUT09
Meeting ID: 983 9688 8681 Password: 596775

And now - a couple of new products out that I like this week:

Kuick List Builder

On the surface, this looks like another one of the herd of landing page/crappy product creators that have been launching one after the other lately. But it is NOT!! It basically does 2 things: a) Creates List-style Lead Magnets and b) creates landing pages to collect the leads you generate with your new Lead Magnet. My complaint with most every platform out there is that you are forced to send visitors to someone else's domain because your landing pages are 'hosted' for you! This process does NOTHING to promote and build YOUR branding! This one is a refreshing change as it includes a Wordpress plugin that lets you show your lead magnet on YOUR DOMAIN, as well as embedding your landing page on your own site as well. It also integrates with most of the top mailing list/autoresponder services - but you also have the option to download the leads via CSV. All in all, this is a great piece of software for a one-time fee. I purchased the FE and one OTO, but the FE is probably enough for most folks. Oh and the FE is a one-time fee which makes it even more attractive in my book!
BONUS: More Lead Magnets, of course! Get your choice of any 3 Lead Magnets from the current collection of 12 - but we will be adding more to the collection very soon so you can use your Lead Magnet Coupon any time! See the current collection here
===>>> Check it out here: Kuick List Builder


Curation Cloud

One of my big goals is to launch more niche blogs this year, after discovering that my long-lost Gluten-Free blog had more than 93,000 re-pins on Pinterest - and all that traffic was lost since I no longer had the blog. That is REVENUE!! And it was a TRUE auto-blog, never lifted a finger after I set it up (and missed the renewal notice argh!). My early tests are showing this to be the best of the curation software that I have looked at. And yes, I have purchased and refunded 4 or 5 just since January! I am still in early testing on this one, BUT one of the key things I like is that this is not simply an auto-blogger - it is more if a research tool & Automation tool, that lets you have far more control over the what, where and when of your posts than the fully automated ones do.
Some of your options:
● Keyword search
● Time of content freshness (24 hours, 7 days, or forever)
● Sort by date or popularity
● Choose content source
● Minimum word count
● Only show content that has images

But the KEY feature for me is that it includes a citation for the SOURCE of the content, which is very important. It also creates a backlink to your own site when you post to social media.

Although you can post to unlimited blogs, the basic edition does not allow you to pull content from multiple or custom sources, that is only available in the Pro edition, but so far the source is working fine for my niches. The source used is ContentGems.com and you can get a free (very) limited-use account to see what it pulls up for your specific niche before investing in Curation Cloud.
This also an awesome tool if you are into website flipping - just build the site, load it up with niche content, and then remove the
Bonus: Our Content Planner/Scheduler is perfect for this! As always, this will be an updated version with 3 new Covers & Backgrounds, and of course, full PLR rights. This will be done early next week!
===>>> Check it out here: Curation Cloud


• The Build Your Successful Online Business Giveaway is live, and this month it has some really great downloads - with a lot of PLR and Low Content resources that I know you will love - because they are from people that you already like, trust and SPEND MONEY ON! LOL, yep, now you can get a bunch of gifts from folks like Ruthie Bowers, Rayven Monique, Ellen Finklestein, and more! And oh, yeah from us, too! There are 50+ gifts already, and there will be more added as I still have to add a couple of more too! There are usually gifts added throughout the Giveaway so you will want to check back every couple of days to see what is new!
===>>> Build Your Successful Online Business Giveaway


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That's it for today, hope you can join us tomorrow!

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