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Happy Monday!!

I hope you had a great weekend! Ours was hot and humid, but we got a lot of work done in the yard, a lot of winter clean that was necessary! It felt great to be outside but the rain is back today with thunderstorms rolling in this afternoon. LOL - getting a lot of work done because there is nothing else to do! Local businesses are starting to open up, but already running into issues with the distancing guidelines so the next couple of weeks are going to be interesting. How are things going in your area? Has anyone ventured out to get a hair cut yet? LOL my pixie is more of a mullet right now, and I may be getting the hedge trimmer out soon!

• The Build Your Successful Online Business Giveaway is live today, and this month it has some really great downloads - with a lot of PLR and Low Content resources that I know you will love - because they are from people that you already like, trust and SPEND MONEY ON! LOL, yep, now you can get a bunch of gifts from folks like Ruthie Bowers, Rayven Monique, Ellen Finklestein, and more! And oh, yeah from us, too! There are 50+ gifts already, and there will be more added as I still have to add a couple of more too! There are usually gifts added throughout the Giveaway so you will want to check back every couple of days to see what is new!
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Ending Tuesday!
• If you haven't picked up Lynette's Content Planner, the launch pricing ends Tuesday! Get 50% OFF with promo code: CONTENT through Tuesday, May 19.
BONUS: Get it through our link, and we will send you our content planner/Tracker that fills the missing gaps in this one so you can track your work's ROI, social media response etc. PLUS 5 new color-coordinated covers & backgrounds for you. These are all done and being delivered today!
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Easy Printable Traffic
• Amy's latest course focuses on selling printables on Etsy - and I think this is going to be a growing market for the foreseeable future, given the current situation. As the name implies, this latest course focuses on TRAFFIC and the techniques can really be applied to almost any destination and most products. But the best part? this is all about FREE traffic, which is always my favorite price ;-) Along with the course, she is also including 50 beautifully designed 'Traffic Generators" templates in 3 sizes each...150 total in easy to edit PPT format so you can hit the ground running! If you are new to Etsy, Instagram or Pinterest, there are a lot of good resources that you may not be aware of.
BONUS: Buy through our link, and I am going to add 20 new images for use on Pinterest and Instagram in both PNG and LAYERED PSD images, each in 3 sizes, so you can change the text on each one (if you want to), or use 'as is'. These are done and ready to go! The designs range from fun to "Top 10", and are easy to edit, change text or add your logo ;-)
===>>> Check it out here: Easy Printable Traffic


• Huw is back with a very creative "Dress Your Fairy" Coloring Set! 30 unique new designs, and they are really cute! I think these will really be a great addition to your children's products if you are or want to be in this niche!
BONUS: Since the kids' covers have been so popular and a LOT of you have reached out to see if we are doing them for this launch, I am going to create a set of 6 very 'girly' ones that will let you just drop the uncolored fairy right on to the cover. These will be ready mid-week.
===>>> Check it out here: Dress Your Fairy


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That's it for today, but we do have some awesome stuff for Tuesday Tutorials this week! See ya then!

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