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I have been a day off all week and I carried that on today, too! Thank you to Ruthie for catching that ;-)

Our SEO & Traffic Chat: The Zoom chat is TODAY, THURSDAY, May 14 at 3pm EST. You can register here to get details: SEO & Traffic Chat

Fortunately, the registration page was set up correctly so if you already registered - you have the correct details...argghh....

New Products:

Prolific Lynette!!
A new release from Thrive Anywhere today! Lynette has released a new Content Planner, which is great but....our content planner contains many tracking/ROI pages that hers does not, so it is the PERFECT COMPLEMENT!! And unlike past launches where Lynette has offered $10 off during the launch - this one is 50% with promo code: CONTENT through Tuesday, May 19.
BONUS: Seriously, our own content planner/Tracker fills the missing gaps in this one so can track your work's ROI, social media response etc. I will also add 5 new rainbow-themed covers & backgrounds for you. (Will have done by Monday!)
===>>> Get the details here: Content Planner


The CoachGlue.com Planner Club is open again! It rarely opens for new members, and I am surprised that they have not raised the prices I have been a member for ages and get many of our ideas from the monthly releases! At only $20, it is one of the biggest bargains in the industry. It is a MASSIVE time saver - and if you join now you will get this month's release (How To Add 10 Subscriber's To Your List in 30 Days) PLUS 2 bonus planners!
BONUS: How about 3 new matching covers for every month that you stay a member? Yep, we can do that!! Just buy through the link below and we will send you your new covers every month! (Details on how to collect your bonuses at the bottom of the newsletter)
This ends Friday May 15, so jump on it today!
===>>> Get the details here: CoachGlue.com Planner Club


Easy Printable Traffic
Amy Harrop's teaching style is well-paced and easy to follow, and this one is totally focused on getting FREE traffic to your printables and low-content products, mainly via Instagram and Pinterest. The course focuses on Etsy, but the techniques can be used to drive traffic anywhere whether it's your own blog or Amazon or Ebay. She is also including 50 beautifully designed 'Traffic Generators" templates in 3 sizes each...150 total in easy to edit PPT format so you can hit the ground running! If you are new to Etsy, Instagram or Pinterest, there are a lot of good resources that you may not be aware of.
BONUS: Buy through our link, and I am going to add 20 new images for use on Pinterest and Instagram in both PNG and LAYERED PSD images, each in 3 sizes, so you can change the text on each one (if you want to), or use 'as is'. These will be done by Friday/Saturday at the latest. And we promise to make them as gorgeous as we can ;-)
===>>> Check it out here: Easy Printable Traffic


Zentangle-Style Animal Faces Coloring Pages!
I did not promote these when they came out yesterday as to be honest I was a bit concerned about the origin but after some serious digging yesterday, all seems good, and these are gorgeous!
BONUS: I do not have time to do something new for these - but we have a beautiful collection of Zentangle animal mandalas from Colorist Heaven 3 that would make a great addition to these for your coloring book! Buy through our link and get 10 'Jungle Mandalas" from Colorist Heaven #3.
===>>> Check it out here: Zentangle-Style Animal Faces Coloring Pages!



Limitless Living's Build Your Successful Online Business Giveaway is open for contributor registration! If you have never participated in a bundle or giveaway event, this is a great one to start with as you can jump in for free and get your 'feet wet' so to speak. Take one of those planners or workbooks you have been collecting. You will need a) a product b) a landing page with opt-in form, c) your download page, and d) a brief 300 word description of your product. You CAN do this and I promise you - it is a really great way to build your list! This one runs every month, and if there is enough interest, I will put together a Zoom group to walk everyone through the signup process and what I have found to work well for me.

Contributor signups only last for a couple of days so head on over and take a look at Build Your Successful Online Business.


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That is it for now - the sun is shining today and the frost fears may finally be behind us, so flower planting is happening today! I am just a BIT of a flower fanatic, and this year, I am planning on overdoing it!!
Stay safe and we WILL get through this!!!
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