Bonus Cover Samples For "Achieving Inner Peace" - ENDS TODAY!
Ok, I was wrong!

Tools For Motivation's ACHIEVING INNER PEACE ends tonight, not last night...arrggghh.....but at least you still have a chance to get in if you want it!

This is a really special one that also included 10 articles that have been repurposed into 20 Canva templates for Facebook stories and presentations! This is on top of the rest of the content:

  • Audiobook
  • 10 x 400-word Articles
  • 2 Mini-Reports from the articles
  • 10 Slide Decks from the articles
  • Quote Posters For Social Media: 20 fully editable posters (800px by 1000px)
  • Ecover Included
BONUS: See the top of the newsletter for samples from the 10 new covers just for this product! PLUS I am also adding a new journal /workbook to complement the product when you buy through our link below. Covers are done (2 more samples above!), and the workbook will be done no later than Wednesday
===>>> Check it out here: ACHIEVING INNER PEACE



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Here's the Full list of everything on sale:

Lead Magnet Bonanza
Toolkit #12 - Faith-Based Planners

Discount ends Monday, May 11 at MIDNIGHT!


Amy Harrop is back with a course on driving traffic to your Printables! And yes, we will have a very special 2-part bonus: A) 30 additional "Traffic Templates" (this will make sense when the product launches and B) I will coordinate a group effort to share and promote each other's product launches, Etsy stores and Pinterest boards. More details on this tomorrow!


As life begins to return to normal - slowly but surely -
I am getting emails about picking up our SEO/Traffic group chat!
Let's try again this Thursday at 3pm EST?
I will send up a new sign up page this afternoon and let's pick up again!


Purchase through our links, then
please send your receipt to:
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That is all for today! I am almost done with the bonus for "Achieving Inner Peace",
and close to completion for the first Digital Planner too. The challenge has been to find the mid point between 'feature-rich' for your end-customer and 'ease of use' as a PLR product. I think we are there ;-)
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