Hump Day, Schmump Day!

I cannot tell Hump Day from any other day these days! How about you? My work schedule seems to be morphing into 7 days a week cuz, well, what else am I gonna do??

As we discussed on the "Ruthie & Mel Chat-a-thon" yesterday, I have been working from home for a LOOOOOONG time. Back when I first left the corp world, us 'brave souls' that worked from home tried to make it look like we did NOT work from home: we used answering services, exec suites, PO Boxes and everything you could think of to make it look like we were 'real businesses'. It was not fun, and I hated it but it was a necessity if you wanted to be taken seriously.

Fast forward a couple of decades, and how times have changed! Today, working from home is a much-desired goal, and we proudly tell friends and family that we are bloggers, content creators and affiliate marketers. Ok - so sometimes their eyes still glaze over when we try to explain how we actually make money with all of this, but you get the point ;-)

One of the things that is apparent with our current pandemic situation is that there has been a huge shift from in-person sales to ecommerce sales. My blogs (some a bit dusty!) are getting more traffic and sales than ever, and Ebay sales are skyrocketing again (my hubby has sold 7 golf bags in the last week alone!).

Today is a limited time re-release of the Ultimate Bundle's "Genius Blogger" Bundle, This was origianlly relaeasd in December 2019, and is available now for just 48 hours. If you have ever considered blogging - or want to really start making money with the one you have, this is an amazing deal! This bundle is a collection of 25 eBooks, 55 eCourses & videos, 7 printables & workbooks, 5 templates & stock photo packages and 1 membership site. Inside this bundle, you will find tons of resources with step-by-step instructions to get started, how to grow your email list, the best ways to monetize your blog, and so much more.

The value is listed at more than $7300 - but the real value depends on how much of it you can actually use, doesn't it? And that depends on where you are right now with your blog! Fortunately, this bundle covers everything from setting up your blog to building your brand AND your list, dives into marketing on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter - and even covers flipping your blog if that is your ultimate goal. There is really very little left out of the package!

===>>> BONUS: And that brings us to our bonus today: One of the guides is about setting up your Wordpress blog and working with one of the most popular Wordpress themes in the world - Elegant Theme's Divi. If you have not purchased it yet - it is currently priced at $89 per year. We will install Divi for you on one WordPress blog and provide you updates for one year. For direct support, you would need to purchase a direct license, but we will pass any support questions/issues to ET for you for the next 6 months as well. The install will also include the plugins Monarch and Bloom (a terrific optin/popup plugin that is super easy to use). And if you don't have your domain or not quite ready - you can take us up on the install anytime in the next 6 months ;-). We use Divi on PLRoftheMonth and several of our other sites, so we are not letting our membership go anytime soon!
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And now on to...GOODIES!!!

A great freebie for you today: 6 Marketing Checklists from Kevin Fahey
Yes, there is an upsell after the optin for the free checklists - but it's only ONE OTO so not a 20-minute process to get your gift!

• From PiggyMakesBank: 5 free "Walking For Fitness" articles - VERY timely!!

• From Publish for Prosperity: 10 Articles on the "Power of Journaling"


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• I am a member of Cindy Bidar's Six Figure Systems and I am working my way through all of the content (it's massive, folks!) and this is one of my fave courses so far: The Tripwire Toolkit - How To Fill Your List With Buyers - One Tiny Sale (or Freebie!) At A Time
This is probably one of the most powerful yet underutilized tools in your blogger/content creator arsenal, and Cindy holds your hand through the whole process. It's without a doubt one of the best courses I have seen on Tripwires.
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Kevin Fahey's 24 HR Traffic Blitz
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That is it for now - off to the park for a LOOOOONG walk!!
Stay safe and we WILL get through this!!!
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