Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Hi, everyone!

Although I live in Cincinnati, Ohio now, I was born and raised in SoCal, and Cinco de Mayo was always one of my fave holidays. Comfort food to me is tacos, posole and fresh-made pico de gallo ANYTIME!! That hasn't changed over the decades and now my Ohio fam are taco lovers too ;-). Smart folks, they are! We have a wonderful taco place here now that hosts a big Cinco de Mayo fest every year, and I look forward to being there next year!

If you missed the Ruthie and Mel chat today, you missed out on some fun - and gifts! It was a great informal chat with lots of folks chiming in, and me probably talking too much, but that's me! They may put a muzzle on me next time, but the truth is I really love what I do and love helping others get started! What we do is still work - but it IS fun! If Ruthie lets me on again, I do so hope you can join us! And thank you to everyone that took the time out of their schedule to spend 90 minutes with us - and am I the only one that felt like it flew by?

And now on to...


Have you seen the news From Google?
This is not exactly a tutorial - but if you do any Google Ads - here's an overview of the new ID Verification Policy & Requirements for Google Ads

Turn your own handwriting into a font for free!
offers both paid and free options to turn your scribbles into your own font in seconds! (great way to add a totally custom look to your projects!)

How To Create A Custom 404 Page
Great article and great recommendations for easy to use plugins. I just discovered that when we moved from our last host...our 404 settings did not decide to make the trip. I have a generic 404 message that is...blah...a good one should DO something and ultimately get your reader to the destination they were looking for or something that is a good substitution. It should never send them away...it's a great and under-utilized sales tool!

• From the Alexa Blog (color me embarrassed - I did not know they had one!) a TREASURE TROVE of free ebooks on marketing, SEO, ecommerce and well, just all kinds of AMAZING free goodies here!

• Have you heard of The Design Twins - Jodie & Julie? Identical twins, definitely NOT '20 somethings' that have built a following of 100k++ on Instagram!! Lots of great social media hacks on the blog, so spend some time perusing here ;-)

• From OptinMonster - a fantastic (and CLEAR) step by step guide to increasing your traffic with Pinterest (this is really excellent!)

Recent products we recommend:

New And Good!
Kevin Fahey's 24 HR Traffic Blitz

This one just launched today, I have purchased but have not had time to go through it. I do not normally like to recommend anything without going through it first, but Kevin is one of the 'good guys' and rarely steers me wrong, so I am adding this one today because the launch price is only today! This is a step by step overview of his FREE traffic method and includes 3 ‘Done For You’ Funnels plus 4 Interviews/case studies from actual students that used the method to drive traffic and make sales.

I am really on a traffic course binge right now, so I jumped on this as the current price is only $9 ;-)
BONUS: Get a $5 coupon from us for the front end offer and a free Design Kit (a single planner design) from your choice of Toolkits 6 - 10 for EACH OTO purchased.
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Ending Tonight:

Product Launch Workbook

Lynette from ThriveAnywhere has an AWESOME Product Launch Workbook dropping today - this is going to be a great seller! This tracks all steps of launching your product - and I do mean ALL of the steps! This is really one of the best products I have seen in a while in this niche! BUT...there is no Social Media & Ad Tracker so we got ya covered with our bonus:
BONUS: TWO all-new design set for our Social Media & Ad Tracker - makes a great optin, bonus or upsell for the core product! FULL PLR of course! (will deliver Friday)
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Stay safe and we WILL get through this!!!
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