A Little Something To Brighten Your Day ;-)

Hi, everyone!

Well, I am glad we made time to get outside yesterday! We only did 3 miles, but better than nothing! And today? Thunderstorms and gray skies that have me wanting to curl up with a cup of tea, a book, and a kitty! Seriously, I cannot stop yawning today, so my 'creative juices' are not flowing well...arghhh.....

Today I have a free gift for you from one of our 2019 bundles last year - some very pretty springtime designs that are great for covers, backgrounds, or stationary! I picked out 5 of them for you today - and will probably have some more for you tomorrow too!
Download them here: May Florals (no optin cuz you are already on the list:)

And don't forget to join me over at Ruthie's Zoom Room Tuesday, May 5 at 2pm!
Register HERE and drop me a note if you have any topics you would like us to cover! Looking forward to another fun 'open mic' chat with everyone!


First up: A free gift for you for you from ToolsForMotivation.com: Finding Inner Joy And Happiness In Tough Times
Talk about timely, huh? The main report is free but there are 2 upsells that go with it...
BONUS: pick up either upsell and get the "Grateful To Be Happy" Journal with two all-new Design sets to go with it (Cover, Background & Title Banner X 2)
===>>> Pick up the free report here: Finding Inner Joy And Happiness In Tough Times


Looking to up your revenue??
LOL - DUMB QUESTION! I think most of us are always looking to add new rev streams and I know from my chats with many of you this week that a) Amazon's latest move is hurting a lot of you and b) many of us are dusting off some of our older blogs and getting the refreshed because they are getting traffic again!

I picked up a really good WP plugin this am, WP Money Machine, and running it through its paces today. So far it looks VERY promising! This lets you easily add ad spaces all over your blog, and even affiliate products from Amazon, Envato, Clickbank, Google ads, etc. But what I really like is the ability to add everything from inline to popups from one plugin. It seems like it is REALLY flexible and comes with the unlimited site license on the FE. I did NOT purchase any of the OTOs, none really seemed that relevant to me, TBH. He also has a lengthy list of bonuses that can be offered with it, so planning on posting that list later today, and letting you take your pick ;-) PLUS... BONUS: The new updated Blogger Planner is a great complement to this as you will want to track your ads and blog posts for max ROI tracking
===>>> Check it out here: WP Money Machine


Next: I really haven't seen Tiffany's latest PLR launch, Success Without Sacrificing Satisfaction, promoted too much, but I picked it up and I honestly think it is one of her better recent ones. The title is a bit deceptive as a lot of the content is related to home businesses and working from home. I am getting one of our blogs 'refreshed' and this is going to make a great lead magnet for it. If you have purchased any of Tiff's products in the past, then you know that she is one of the best content creators in the market - but her bundles do not include graphics of any kind, which makes it difficult to bundle the content into an ebook or lead magnet, so our Bonus will be a set of 5 new Covers for each product you purchase in the funnel (OTO #2 is a KILLER deal!!)
===>>> Check it out here: Success Without Sacrificing Satisfaction

Featured Products This Week!

See the bonuses for these here:
Crystal & Tarot Bonus Sets

Gabby from A Cup Of Zen released Getting Started With Crystals to Set Healing Intentions Done for-You Package. It includes pre-written content on the topic of using crystals to manifest healing intentions, a low content planner and journal, plus extra goodies that are editable in Canva and PowerPoint. This is a HUGE bundle of content that includes 5 articles, 4 watercolor crystal graphics, and both Journal and Planner templates. It also includes sales page copy PLUS links to affiliate programs!!
Use coupon code: HEALING to get $20 off through Sunday, May 3rd and use coupon code GOFARTHER to save $20 on the additional bundle of watercolor crystal images.

BONUS: 3 new Crystal Graphic sets - each set will include an original cover, background and title banner. You can mix & match these to create 9 completely new products! Should be done later today - samples above!
===>>> GET IT HERE: Getting Started With Crystals to Set Healing Intentions Done for-You Package.


Next up - we have the Light Worker Tarot Pack from Pamela Busby at LightWorkerPLR. This is a really original planner/workbook/journal for keeping track of your readings and includes 10 templates specialized for doing card readings. Each template spread lets you create professional looking tarot journals and planners for yourself or for clients. BUT...the bundle does NOT include any covers or backgrounds, so yes, you guessed it...we will have them for you!

BONUS: 3 new TAROT Graphic sets - each set will include an original cover, background and title banner. READY NOW!
===>>> GET IT HERE: Light Worker Tarot Pack


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That is it for now - off to the park for a LOOOOONG walk!!
Stay safe and we WILL get through this!!!
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