Today's Gift: 12 Vintage Grunge Covers for You!


It's Tutorial Tuesday already!

A lot of good stuff for you today, so let's just dive right in!
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LinkedIn Events: I am willing to bet that many of you are totally unaware of this relatively new Linkedin tool!! Here's the complete guide to promoting your next event on Linkedin!!

8 Top WordPress Appointment and Booking Plugins (2020)
OMG!! I have been the 'victim' of so many bad ones lately! One person has repeatedly asked me to use her calendar to schedule a call with her - but it shows her as booked through the rest of 2020. PLEASE!! I think these are wonderful for so many folks - but make sure it works before setting it loose on the world ;-)

Another good one: 50+ Best WordPress Social Media Plugins
I wish I had seen this a month ago! I spent weeks sorting through a variety of plugins and finally settled on Blog2Social. Great plugin but boy did I go through dogs before I found it...

Because all work and no play, yada, yada, yada -- and because we are all stuck at home and I am starting to wonder how my orange tabby would look with turquoise highlights...check out HomeTalk for all kinds of projects from 'upcycling' to DIY concrete counters. This is my guilty morning coffee pleasure - and yes, my kitchen is getting concrete counters and I am doing it myself because I really want to!

From Elegant Themes - Virtual Meeting Etiquette: Everything You Need to Know to Go Remote. I have to admit that I have done just about everything you can think of that you should NOT do on a Zoom business chat, from having a cat walk between me and the camera to spilling coffee on my keyboard. Ah well. I work from home, and have for almost 30 years now, so not too many kerfuffles that I haven't seen at this point, and most of them I have committed at least once.

• Next Chat with Ruth and Mel: And that brings me to this: The next Ruth & Mel Show! Ok, calling it a show might be a bit grandiose, but whatever. We ARE doing another chat next week - May 5, 2020 02:00 PM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Register here

And of course - I will have a gift for all that attend! If you have any questions or topics that you will like us to cover - drop me a note at [email protected] and please put "CHAT" in the subject line.


Today's Gift!!

As promised - some free backgrounds for you today! This is a set of "vintage grunge" graphics that can be used for covers or backgrounds on any project. These were part of the upsell to one of the early 2019 planners and have never been offered as a bonus or giveaway before. GET IT HERE ===>>> Vintage Covers


New Products Today!

A couple of really different PLR launches today. I've been interested in metaphysics, crystals, tarot and related topics for years, so fun to see something new and different on these very popular and evergreen topics:

• Gabby from A Cup Of Zen released Getting Started With Crystals to Set Healing Intentions Done for-You Package. It includes pre-written content on the topic of using crystals to manifest healing intentions, a low content planner and journal, plus extra goodies that are editable in Canva and PowerPoint. This is a HUGE bundle of content that includes 5 articles, 4 watercolor crystal graphics, and both Journal and Planner templates. It also includes sales page copy PLUS links to affiliate programs!!
Use coupon code: HEALING to get $20 off through Sunday, May 3rd and use coupon code GOFARTHER to save $20 on the additional bundle of watercolor crystal images.

BONUS: 3 new Crystal Graphic sets - each set will include an original cover, background and title banner. You can mix & match these to create 9 completely new products!
===>>> GET IT HERE: Getting Started With Crystals to Set Healing Intentions Done for-You Package.


Next up - we have the Light Worker Tarot Pack from Pamela Busby at LightWorkerPLR. This is a really original planner/workbook/journal for keeping track of your readings and includes 10 templates specialized for doing card readings. Each template spread lets you create professional looking tarot journals and planners for yourself or for clients. BUT...the bundle does NOT include any covers or backgrounds, so yes, you guessed it...we will have them for you!

BONUS: 3 new TAROT Graphic sets - each set will include an original cover, background and title banner. You can mix & match these to create 9 completely new products! (And no these are not the same ones for the Crystal set above!)
===>>> GET IT HERE: Light Worker Tarot Pack


AMAZING $5 Flash Sale

Our $5 Flash Sale continues through midnight WEDNESDAY! This huge sale includes all of those fantastic bonuses that have been giving away for the past month with purchases! Pick just the ones you want for $5 each or grab the whole bundle of 12 for just $47!!!

Why you want these: These bonuses and more like them have been landing me on the leader boards of some major launches for the past year. They take time to create, but I spend every spare minute creating "extras" with the end goal being that I always have something ready to go for a new promotion or a bundle event! With today's sale - you can stock up and be ready to catch every opportunity that comes your way!

AMAZING $5 Flash Sale

($5 price disappears WEDNESDAY at midnight!)



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