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Just wanted to let you know that I am halfway through the bonus covers for Pixelcrafter's new Fruit Fun Activity Kit - here's a sneak peek at two of them! Full details on how to get them below!! I had planned on releasing these Sunday but pretty sure they will be done Saturday. Please note: 5 WILL be fruit-themed for sure but the other 5 may be more generically themed so you can use them on other projects as well.

• Don't forget to grab your: Free Coloring Pages!

Just added another 12 to the Dropbox - if you downloaded yesterday's batch already - these are in a separate folder so you won't have to download them all again ;-) And yes, you have full rights to all as always! Will have another batch from the archives later today ;-)

Just launched:
The Festival of Spring Gifts

This is different than what I normally participate in as it is focused on the Personal Development niche, with a really wide range of products from abundance manifestation & LOA, to stress management and sleep issues. I've already downloaded a few of the products, and the quality is really excellent so far.

We have THREE products in there - all new designs! - so hop over and grab them ASAP! But...the main reason I want you to check this out is that I hope it will give you some ideas on how you can take our basic products and QUICKLY slant them towards multiple niches with just a few minor text changes ;-). Want to build your low content business? Flexibility is the name of the game!

Check it out here: The Festival of Spring Gifts


From Pixelcrafters: Fruit Fun Activity Kit
This is a bundle of 90+ pages of fruit-related activities for the kids with commercial rights:
  • Get 26 Colored Fruit Rewriting Exercise
  • Get 6 Sets of Words to Picture Matching
  • Get 2 Sets of Fruits Multiple Choice
  • Get 5 Sets of Finding Fruits Game
  • Get 5 Sets of Finding Fruits Game
  • Get 26 Dot-to-Dot Fruit
  • Get 26 Dot-to-Dot Fruit with Silhouette
  • Get 1 Alphabet Poster
  • Get 1 Fruit Alphabet Poster
I had hoped to get access to the product so that I could have the bonus ready to go, but no response from them, and to be honest - the sales page doesn't give much of a look at the product SO......
BONUS: Since I am not sure that I can come up with 10 fruit covers (Sorry, even I have creative limits!), my bonus will be 5 'coordinated' fruit covers and 5 'generic' children's covers. Everyone seemed pretty happy with the last set, so these will be along the same style. COVERS WILL BE DELIVERED SUNDAY at the latest!
===>>> Get it here: Fruit Fun Activity Kit


• And getting great feedback from everyone on Amy Harrop's newest course
Bonus Boost - 10 Ways To Use Bonuses To Automatically Get More Orders
Bonus Boost is a no-fluff course that guides you through the RIGHT way to use free incentives to build your list, get more orders, and automatically grow your content business in a dozen different ways. It also includes checklists, worksheets, and over the shoulder video tutorials covering the following topics:
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My Biggest Goal for 2020?? TRAFFIC!!! Cindy Bidar's just released her Six-Figure Traffic System has and it is worth every penny! As always, Cindy has gone beyond the norm and created a course that is in-depth, practical, and WORKABLE to get you results and traffic!! Get the Early Bird Launch discount of 62% off the regular price with promo code: TRAFFIC
  • 4 audio training lessons
  • 15 printable worksheets and checklists
  • 11 easy-to-follow checklists
  • Done-for-you Trello board
  • 3 video lessons give you crystal-clear instructions so you can get to get the most out of each checklist and Trello board and navigate your traffic analytics with ease.
  • A detailed traffic analysis cheat sheet
BONUS: An all-new Traffic Tracker - track and schedule your traffic generating efforts by network, posts, results, ads and events! Will also include 3 covers and 3 backgrounds - with full PLR of course!

Stay safe and enjoy your day!

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