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Hi, Everyone!

This has been a day of having to tackle a ton of non-business-but-still-essential-tasks, things that could not be delegated to anyone else, not even the hubby. I may not have a virtual assistant but trust me, he does all that he can to keep things running on the home front, and I appreciate his support every day.

But this was one of those days where everything hit the proverbial fan all at once, and it has been a laugh a minute today LOL. - right down to the Shipt shopper who texted me that he had delivered my mom's groceries only to find out that he dropped it all at the wrong address...and they mysteriously appeared on her doorstep 2 hours later....the milk was still cold, and a big thank you to the Universe that whoever got them was kind enough to find their rightful owner!! Do not even get me started on the fun with ATT and the cell phone I have been trying to get for my mother for 2 months now....wrong one shipped twice and now they sent the right one but the sim card is for MY phone number not hers....sigh.

Maybe it's the comet doing all this? Yikes....

Anyway.....a tidbit of information that I want to share with everyone regarding Pinterest: as you probably know, we have a new Zoom group for the folks that purchased Kristie Chiles Affiliate Pinning Success course, and it's really an amazing group of very motivated and hard-working folks. The original schedule was to be three 90 minutes sessions, but we have a lot of folks that are really in the very early stages of affiliate marketing, so we have been doing a lot on how to set up landing pages, email sequences, and all of the pieces that really need to be in place to build a list and a long term business, so no way we are stopping at 3!

I think we have around 7 hours of video already from the first 3 sessions so we are covering a LOT of ground and more than just how to pin on Pinterest, but I did want to share something that happened a couple of days with Pinterest: I had promoted a pin the week before and had fantastic results, which I shared in this newsletter - 28k views, 60 optins etc. I then created several new pins, all pointed at the same landing page I had used before but all new designs.

ALL OF THE NEW ADS WERE REJECTED!! Seriously!! I was shocked! The reason was "poor landing page quality". But according to their advertising guidelines, it met exactly what they were looking for. I did their automated appeal and it was still rejected.

So then I decided to open a support ticket for the ad appeal, and sent them a very nice note, stating that I was confused, I told them about the exciting response that we had the week before, yada, yada.

And guess what? I received a brief but nice note the next day stating that they had been incorrectly rejected - all ads were now live!

So, surprisingly, unlike Facebook, there are real people at Pinterest, and you can appeal their decisions, so take heart if you get rejected over there! And it is definitely a place worth checking out from what we are seeing so far!


Ruthie has two gorgeous new "MIX & MATCH" bundles out and I LOVE the color scheme! She's also taken an approach that I really like - technically one product is the upsell of the other - but they are complementary to each other and are truly two standalone products - and you can see them both and get either one or both of them!

The MAIN BUNDLE Mix and Match Weekly Planner Kit includes:
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  • 4 DFY 2021 weekly planners
  • 10 Patterned Backgrounds in 3 sizes - 6x9, 8x10, 8.5x11
  • 6 Matching Plain Colored Digital Papers
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The ADDON BUNDLE Mix and Match Weekly Planner Kit includes:
Undated Weekly Vertical Planner - 2 pages per week (2 different backgrounds)
  • 2020 and 2021 Dated Weekly Vertical Planner
  • 2020 and 2021 Monthly Calendar Pages in 2 styles
  • Daily Prompt Journal Templates
  • 15 New Digital Papers
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BONUS: These covers are geometric, so my bonus is 5 FLORAL covers in the same color scheme
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• From Pamela Busby, we have her new "Know Thyself" Tarot Pack.
Pamela is very knowledgeable in this space, and this is terrific core content to build out an entire product line!
BONUS: 5 beautiful coordinated covers (release: July 20)
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• From Jenn Brockman: A set of Shamanic Planner Templates that work beautifully with her previously released spiritual products. This is an extremely active and growing niche that is very underserved with quality products.
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Success Action Plan by Chad Eljisr and Charlene Burke walks the reader through the process of building a series of transformational success habits, to re-wire your mind and destroy negative limiting beliefs.
This massive PREMIUM PLR product bundle includes:
- In-depth 12,000+ words eBook
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- 7 Success Mindset Articles
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BONUS: An updated version of our "Habit Tracker" Workbook, color-coordinated to match the main product. This is the perfect addition to turn this into a complete course to sell!! This is almost done, you should have by Friday.
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Also - several of you have asked if I am going to be offering a bonus for Simon's Mermaids, and yes, I am waiting for approval (my bad!) and I will be offering covers for this one too.


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And now - back to work!!

Have a wonderful day!
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