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BCStack Pre-Launch!!!

Full details below!

Hi, Everyone!

Once again, I have to say a big Thank You to all of our readers for your wonderful notes yesterday! And I had no idea there were so many Over-55ers in the crowd! LOL, yes, we are FAR from over the techno-hill, and even if we are not all geeks and nerds - we are still indeed capable of learning and succeeding online! So, as I said yesterday - getting accepted into BCStack is proof that you are never too old to start over and make it happen!

I would also love to tell you that I only work 4 hours per week and outsource the rest, but that is not true. I have not yet found anyone that I am comfortable with yet to hand over my 'baby' to, but I hope that happens at some point. I will never hand off everything (hello!!! Control freak, here!) but there are some things that would be done more consistently and probably better if I outsourced them, such as my social media promotions.

What I CAN tell you is the more buy buttons you have out there, whether they are your own products or affiliate promotions, the more sales you make every day. Over the past 90 days, I am finally getting to the point where I see multiple sales EVERY single day, whether I am promoting something or not, and this has made a huge difference in my monthly numbers. It also helps to calm that little panicked voice that still pops up every now and then and says "no one really makes money online!!".

Um, yeah, they do, and I was making it much harder than it needed to be for a long time!! You CAN make money online, SO MANY DIFFERENT WAYS. And you do not need to be a rocket scientist or spend oodles of money to do it either. But in all honesty? I think it does take work. That nasty four-letter word, but it's true.

And it can happen faster than you probably think, but it probably won't be overnight or even a couple of weeks - but if you are consistent and willing to learn, you will make it.


BCStack Pre-Launch Pricing!!!

I think my hubby is tired of seeing my "Happy Feet" dance over getting into the BCStack Bundle, but that is his problem ;-) LOL no he's thrilled too, because he knows how much effort went into it, so no problem there!

The BCStack Bundle is now in it's 6th year! This event has always attracted a lot of big names and this year is no different with Jay Fiset from JVology leading the pack.

Right now, you can pick up the entire bundle at the pre-release price of only $39, then it will launch at $47 July 19th. We do not know what products are in there but our contribution alone is 3 digital planners PLUS 3 mini-planners PLUS a 25% off coupon, and there are something like 60 participants, so I think it is safe to say that you will get your money's worth. AND...if you already have the planners that are in the bundle, we will let you swap for another product (current or future) of equal value.

Here's the full list of participants:
  • Bond Halbert • Jay Fiset • Rachel Miller • Jenny Melrose • Jennifer Maker Marx • Chad Fullerton • Monique Johnson • Eddie Garrison • Mostafa Hosseini • Ashley Armstrong • Charles Byrd • Ray Brehm • Donna Kozik • Debbie Gartner • Adela Rubio • Yifat Cohen • Keith Dougherty • Mike Stewart • Karen Smallcalder • Sarah Arrow • Willie Crawford • Amber Fox • Annie Oh • Chelsea Clarke • Mia Moran • Faith Mariah Hawks • Rachel Newcom • Cate Rosales • Sue Guiher • Guna Meldere • Kim Calderon • Mitch Asser • Cindy Bidar • Connie Ragen Green • Mariam Tsaturyan • Angus Nelson • Carolyn Wilhelm • Emily Peck Prokop • Joan Mullaly • Caroline Vencil • Trish Lindemood • Kelan Kline • Kerry Beck • Krystal Proffitt • Tracie Fobes • Stacy Zant • Denise Wakeman • Wanita Zoghby-Fourie • Lucrezia Lapichino • Courtney Chowning • Monica Froese • Renee Shupe • Michell Parizza Wacek • Melody Wigdahl (YEA!!)Robyn Roste • Angela Tempest • Liz Saunders • Tracy Roberts • Mai-Kee Tsang • Ingrid Kellly-Owens • Cherry-Ann Carew • Tonia Clark • Scott Paton • Colin Yearwood • Dwayne Jeffries • Kim Beasley • Neha Gupta
The BCStack Bundle will be at the pre-launch $39 price TODAY ONLY, then sales shut down until the event opens July 19!
BONUS!! Of course, we have a bonus for you! You will get one of the new 2021 Digital Planner designs that will be released later this month (your choice) plus 2 promo codes for 25% off any future purchase. These will be good for any purchases over the coming 12 months.
===>>> Check it out here: BCStack Bundle $39 for TODAY only, then increases to $47!!



Chad Eljisr and Charlene Burke have teamed up to release a new PLR "funnel in a box" titled Success Action Plan, which is very timely given the number of people transitioning from their traditional jobs to new careers, new work environments and for many - new businesses, as they struggle to find ways to replace their former income.

Success Action Plan walks the reader through the process of building a series of transformational success habits, to re-wire your mind and destroy negative limiting beliefs.
This massive PREMIUM PLR product bundle includes:
- In-depth 12,000+ words eBook
- A High-Quality Lead Magnet Report
- An Autoresponder Follow Up Series
- 7 Success Mindset Articles
- eCover Graphics, Banners and more…

BONUS: An updated version of our "Habit Tracker" Workbook, color-coordinated to match the main product. This is the perfect addition to turn this into a complete course to sell!!
===>>> Check it out here: Success Action Plan


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And now - back to work!!

Have a wonderful day!
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