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New Feature: Meet The Content Creators!!

Hi, Everyone!

It's been a major couple of weeks for us here, as we moved to our new hosting company, and are also migrating from MailPoet to our new provider, BirdSend. BirdSend came to us through Ruthie at RitchieMedia.ca, and I love it for its clean dashboard and simple approach to life! LOL - it's colors also match my website, but that really had no bearing on the decision, I swear!

But, I also have backup accounts that I use enough to keep active and build a history with, just in case something happens with BirdSend. Is this a "belt and suspenders" approach to running a business? Yes, you are darned right it is! Although I am still relatively new to Low-Content niche, I have been involved with Ecommerce since 1992 - and I know the dangers of relying on just one company for such a critical piece of my business! My mailing list - YOU!! - is my most valuable asset, and I protect it at all costs!

Over the course of the last few weeks, as I made the decision to finally break from my current host and email provider, I did a LOT of research, and these are the companies that really stood out for their email services, but also because they are content creator-friendly, understand that we are marketers and are NOT going to take a huge chunk out of your budget every month:

BirdSend - great support from this system that was built from the ground up to support content creators. Easy, intuitive UI and very cost-effective! And if you were in our Affiliate Pinning Success Zoom session yesterday - the issue we had with BirdSend was definitely Zoom-related - form was beautifully present when I was off Zoom!

FloDesk - Pure eye candy makes me WANT to use this one! Beautiful, elegant UI, love the automation sequence. I use FloDesk for my 'nurturing' sequence for optins from events (giveaways, bundles etc). Designer tip: you can set up your brand colors and logo so it's ready to go anytime!

ConvertKit - love the hosted landing pages, perfect if you are starting out and don't have a website yet! A low-cost alternative to the big-name all-in-one platforms - and they also have just announced that they are launching a full shopping cart system in a couple of weeks, so this may become a real contender in the future! Big Plus: AMember integration!

===>>> If you are a member of our Affiliate Pinning Success implementation group, check your group page - the link for the new Terrazzo Pins Toolkit has been added! This group has been phenomenal - totally engaged and a lot of fun while we are learing the of Art of Affiliate Pinning Success. There is still time to join us! Check out the course and then contact me for details on the huge bonus and joining our implementation group!



There are sooooo many awesome people in the Content Creation niche,
that I thought it would be fun to start 'meeting' some of them!
In our first Profile today, we meet Catherine B. from Contentaccelerators.com
If you are interested in the Affinity software (the Photoshop killer!),
Catherine is the woman you want to meet!!
Meet Catherine HERE
And pick up a 30% off Promo Code while you are there!

If you are a Content Creator of ANY kind, we would love to feature you!
Send us your details here


Amy Harrop has relaunched her best selling software, QueContent Composer
But this is more than just a 'relaunch' - this is a complete overhaul of the original QueContent Composer, which I loved!
Here's a look at the upgrades to the new product:
  • 500 new journal prompts and 4 new categories
  • More fonts added for greater creativity
  • Margin flexibility to make formatting easier
  • Increased writing lines (one of their most requested features)
QueContent Composer allows anyone to quickly and easily create question and prompt-based content...fast.
Simply select your category, questions, and output to create worksheet pages, journal pages, printables, report content, book content, and much more.
  • Over 1500 done-for-you questions and prompts in multiple categories.
  • Add your own categories and questions.
  • Edit any question to make it unique in seconds.
  • Download in PDF, Word, or PPT format.
This is a fantastic way to quickly add content to your planners to "Up your game" to create entirely new workbooks that can be sold at higher prices than a traditional Planner or Journal!

BONUS: We have a BIG one! Buy through our link and get the following bonuses:
Front End: 2 mini-digital planners - new designs!
OTOs: There are 3 OTOs - get 1 free planner from our existing product line for EACH OTO purchased!! This could be $85 or more in planners for you!

===>>> CHECK IT OUT HERE: QueContent Composer


🐬 Dolphins 🐬
Being a native SoCal girl, I LOVE dolphins, so I am all over this one! This is a huge bundle of kids activity pages and it’s on sale for $17 for the next 3 days only.
There are also 3 upsells after you purchase, so a bit of funnel but not too bad ;-)
BONUS: This is so adorable - pick this up through our link and get 5 covers + 5 coloring pages to help you stand out from the crowd! These will be done Friday!!
===>>> Check it out here: Dolphins Kids Activities Bundle


Coach Glue 60 Done For You Posts
I LOVE Coach Glue's Blog Posts Series! This is a rare sale on this mammoth bundle - Only $17 (regularly $47) With Promo Code: 30 Expires Wednesday, July 8th at Midnight EST!
BONUS: Buy through our link and get our Blogger Content Planner with all-new cover and background designs (ready Thursday!)
===>>> Check it out here: 60 Done For You Posts
(use promo code: 30 for discount!)


Content Sparks' new Low-Cost Marketing Strategies bundle is available for a deep 67% discount off the normal price! If you have never seen Sharyn's products, they are literally a ready-to-go course 'in a box'. The content is beyond well-written - if you have dreams of creating evergreen courses for long-term revenue, you really want to check this one out as it is a topic that will NEVER expire, and can be marketed to both online and offline businesses. EARLY BIRD BONUS from Sharyn: Buy the BLAZE level bundle today and get a 5 Day Challenge package included!
BONUS: Buy any one of the three products through our link and get the following: Flash Content: $5 coupon, Beacon: $10 coupon, Blaze: $15 coupon
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Very Timely PLR from Two Of My Favorite Providers!
Buy either of these products through our link and get 5 new covers -
buy BOTH of these through our link and get 5 covers
PLUS 25% off your next purchase from us!
The Power of Joy
These are excellent! 15 long-format articles that can be used to create an ebook, workbook, lead magnet\videos - lots of ways to use this content and such a small investment!! Only $10 through Monday, July 6th!
===>>>Check it out here: The Power of Joy

New! Weekend $10 Special from Tools for Motivation: |
Adding Excitement To Your Life
Justin and the team from Tools for Motivation have a $10 special this week on their Adding Excitement To Your Life content bundle.
The package includes:
  • Adding Excitement to Your Life Content Bundle – audiobook, 10 articles, 2 mini-reports, 10 slide decks, quote posters, and ecovers
  • Self-Help Tips Report – Daily Routine that Works for You
  • Self-Help Tips Report – Life Improvement Tips
  • Self-Help tips Report – Using Your Time Wisely
===>>>Check it out here: Adding Excitement To Your Life

I think this is a great example of two very complementary products that could be combined in a MULTITUDE of ways to create several end products (including a massive course with workbook!) to create a final product that is totally unique - for a ridiculously low investment!!


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Have a wonderful and safe week! Take care, follow the precautions, and let's get through this together!
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