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Hi, Everyone!

It's July 4th here in the US and obviously a very odd one, to say the least. There are some fireworks displays here in Cincy but considering that mask useage is now mandatory here as of Friday, and the city has been deemed a 'hot spot', staying home seemed like a good idea. We did have company yesterday - my youngest 'faux' son, his fiance, and my grandpuppy - but they have been following extremely strict protocols as have we due to their work, so it was a fairly safe afternoon. Elbow taps, no hugs and no shared anything! Weird but very good to see them!

A quick note - no newsletter tomorrow! Not a day off but a catch-up day as I work to finish bundle products due this week and try to make some progress on the next planner release. If I ever figure out the 2 hour workweek that some folks have, I will let ya know but so far, ain't happening here!

And a heads up - we will be promoting the upcoming "Playful Dolphin" Activity Bundle next week - I love dolphins so we will be offering 5 covers for the bonus on this one!

Member Shoutout: Organizing guru Eileen Roth is mentioned in this month's Costco Connection on page 36 (gold box at the bottom of the page!) In case you have not met Eileen yet, she is the author of "Organizing for Dummies"! Yes, that is indeed part of the famous 'For Dummies" series!


Running out of time here >>>>> One of my fave content creators, Ruthie of Ritchie Media, is having a huge Canada Day Blowout sale on a great selection of coloring bundles! At $7 a pop, this is a great time to stock up! Her sale runs from today through Monday, July 6.
===>>> Check it out here: Ruthie's Third Annual Canada Day Sale
BONUS: Just added to this one!!! It's now a big bundle backgrounds to use with the coloring pages. These are a great way to utilize the coloring pages for covers for your coloring books ;-)


Very Timely PLR from Two Of My Favorite Providers!
Buy either of these products through our link and get 5 new covers -
buy BOTH of these through our link and 5 covers
PLUS 25% off your next purchase from us!
The Power of Joy
These are excellent! 15 long-format articles that can be used to create an ebook, workbook, lead magnet\videos - lots of ways to use this content and such a small investment!! Only $10 through Monday July 6th!
===>>>Check it out here: The Power of Joy

New! Weekend $10 Special from Tools for Motivation: |
Adding Excitement To Your Life
Justin and the team from Tools for Motivation have a $10 special this week on their Adding Excitement To Your Life content bundle.
The package includes:
  • Adding Excitement to Your Life Content Bundle – audiobook, 10 articles, 2 mini reports, 10 slide decks, quote posters, and ecovers
  • Self-Help Tips Report – Daily Routine that Works for You
  • Self-Help Tips Report – Life Improvement Tips
  • Self-Help tips Report – Using Your Time Wisely
===>>>Check it out here: Adding Excitement To Your Life

I think this is a great example of two very complementary products that could be combined in a MULTITUDE of ways to create several end products (including a massive course with workbook!) to create a final product that is totally unique - for a ridiculously low investment!!


An extra Friday Freebie!

Thank you goes out to Fran Watson for sending me the link to this one - a HUGE and over-the-top cute bundle of free graphics from The Hungry JPEG


Purchase through our links, then
please send your receipt to:
[email protected]


That's it for the day - but have oodles of goodies over the weekend - and more for our Affiliate Pinning Success group too!! We are going to rock it next week!

Have a wonderful 4th to all of our US readers! Enjoy safely!
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