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Happy Monday!

Father's Day was CRAAAZY!! My hubby's 2 sons, 3 grandsons and 2 DIL's were all coming over yesterday afternoon for a cookout - the first time they have all been here since March - and 30 minutes before they were all due, the sky turned pitch black suddenly and the clouds opened up! So everyone hustled and we moved the tables and chairs under the covered back porch area, and his sons manned the grill - one cooking while the other held the umbrella because it was monsooning out there! It was a crowded and cozy on the porch, we all had fun and ate waaaay too much! And it just goes to show you that in life and business - flexibility is your #1 asset sometimes!

As I mentioned last week, I had a few sleepless nights, and spent some time mindlessly surfing the web. Yes, I am a nerd and I actually enjoy this but I also jotted down some great things I found on those 3am surf sessions, so I thought I would share them with you today ;-)

Free Online Coaching Challenge
from Teachable.com

I just signed up for this and am really going to try to find time for this, even though I know that it won't be easy, as I have a packed schedule this summer BUT...this looks too good to pass up! During the month of July, you get access to live sessions with experts and mentors, as well as valuable content, delivered straight to your inbox and it's all free! Check it out here


How to Make Money Blogging in 2020:
12 Proven Ways I Made $451,238+ Blogging This Year (Free Guide)

This is the story of how a 30-year-old blogger built his revenue to more than $50k per month, and yeah, it's mostly as an affiliate marketer. Love stories like this and this blog shares a LOT of free and actionable information!! Check it out here

How To Drive Traffic To Your Blog

And from the same blog - one of the most complete traffic generation articles I have ever seen - and pretty much all tactics that you can use for free. Love that!! Read it here


New Products I Bought Today....

Before I promote anything outside of the PLR space, I always try to buy it and try it first!! Today, two products launched that caught my eye. Purchased both this am and glad that I did:

Jaguar Jackpots
This is not a single product but rather an unusual opportunity to buy ALL of their past products for personal use PLUS Resell Rights so you can resell and get 100% commissions for under $15!!! It includes 12 products, and I also picked up 2 of the OTOs. A hint on the OTOs - click 'no thanks' on the first one, and you will get to the downsell price, which is usually a pretty substantial price break. The first OTO is great because you get GIVEAWAY rights to the products, and since we are diving into affiliate marketing on Pinterest - I thought this was a great way to get some extra products in other niches for listbuilding for a super low price!!
BONUS: Buy through my link and get 10 new editable Pin templates for the FE and each OTO you purchase. Will be available Friday ;-)
===>>> Check it out here: Jaguar Jackpots

WP Video Magic
Matt Garett is a rockstar when it comes to WordPress! This is his latest plugin and I snapped it up immediately! This lets you easily host your videos on Amazon/Cloudfront and add to your blog without the usual headaches. This can save you a FORTUNE in video hosting fees! Note: On the top of the sales page it says $37 but it is actually a little over $17 right now, so don't let that scare you off!
BONUS: Buy through my link and get $5 off your next purchase with us!
===>>> Check it out here: WP Video Magic

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