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It's Tuesday and we have some GREAT tutorials AND freebies for you, from gorgeous stock photos to the latest on Pinterest, we have you covered today!

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New - VERY Hot Topic!!


Income From Home Secrets!

If you are looking for a true 'business in a box' product to jump start your niche blog, FireLauncher's bundles are perfect because they include everything from well-written content to your page - with sales video! Their front end product is always what I consider to be a 'loss leader' to get you into their funnel and this is no exception so the value on the front end is really excellent! Besides the content and sales page, you will also get animated banners, graphics, email templates and more - all for under $10!!
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Change Your Energy To Manifest
What You Want

I love doing graphics for Gabby's products because I very much am in tune with the topics, and that does make it more fun to do the covers! This is a great bundle that you can use is so many ways - create a list building lead magnet, combine the content with the planner to create a workbook or turn it into a course
5 Articles – 500+ Words (Combined total of 4,101 words)
Topics Include:
  • 5 Ways to Manifest What You Want (1138 words)
  • Clarity Through Questioning – 11 Key Questions to Know Exactly What You Want (733 words)
  • How to Visualize What You Want and Start a Vision Board (761 words)
  • 10 Ways to Create Positive Feelings to Manifest What You Want (767 words)
  • How Gratitude Shifts Your Energy (702 words)
More Included:
  • 4 Watercolor Sun Clip Art Graphics & Backgrounds
  • 2 Watercolor Sun Patterns
  • Planner Layout in Canva and PowerPoint in 4 Sizes: A4, 6×9, 8×10, 8.5×11
  • 10 Social Media Posts
  • 6 Pinterest Posts
  • Canva and PowerPoint Templates for Social Media & Pinterest Posts
  • Commercial Use Rights
BONUS: Buy through our link and get 5 matching covers - all original designs - will be delivered by Wednesday of next week.
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And now on to the Really, Really Good Stuff....

• From SimplePinMedia.com: 34 Pinterest Resources
OMG - this is a goldmine! Everyone knows about TailWind - but there were tons of incredible tools here with free options or 30-day trials that I was totally unfamiliar with! And be sure to pick up the FREE Simple Pin Planner, too!

IvoryMix.com: I could not decide whether this should be a Tuesday Tutorial or a Friday Freebie, but I was so in love with everything here, that I did not want to wait until Friday! I just recently came across this site, and from their courses to their photos, it's just pure eye candy. Sign up here and 550 stock photos and other resources free - and you definitely want to check out the free courses for Pinterest, Canva and Instagram HERE.
HINT: Even if you are not interested in the topics - check them out just to see the gorgeous design work here. Drool-worthy!

• From NeilPatel.com: If you have been a reader for a while, then you know I am a big Neil Patel fan abnd this week's article is another one to print and keep on hand (yes, I do actually have a binder on my desk with real printed articles in it!!) The SEO Tool Kit: 11 Tools That’ll Save You Time

CupcakeTrainings.com: Technically, this site focuses mainly on 'handmade' businesses - folks that sell their handmade goods on Etsy, at art shows etc, but there's a lot of great training and resources here for us digital artists too! Also, a great free resource guide to crafts and art suppliers, too!

Search Engine Journal has a massive tome on Content Marketing: The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to What Works

• And last but not least this week: FatStacksBlog.com's newest article: There’s more to Amazon Product Images than Affiliate Commissions and be sure to sign up for "Discover how I generated $40K last month from display ads from fun niche sites!" - you should see this in the popover ;-)


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So that is it for today - gotta get back to work on the bonuses I promised everyone!!! Almost done with all of them!!
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