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Good morning, everyone!

First up - that is an interior shot of the new FREE mini-planner we released for Friday Freebies, but you can still grab it here: Mini Digital Planner with PLR
It's in Keynote, PowerPoint and PDF format, and is fully GoodNotes compatible! Full PLR rights, of course. I also uploaded the font and editing details this am, too - so if you downloaded yesterday, you might want to go back and get these. This makes a great list builder to giveaway!

One of the projects in our Thursday chat is guest posting, and this week I would like to share our first one: a fantastic article by Rachel Youngson of UsePLR.com, titled "Are You Shy When It Comes To Public Speaking?". Rachel wrote this article for Fran Watson's blog, SimpleStepstoSpeakingSuccess.com. Rachel offers a very real and 'human' perspective on what it takes to move beyond our comfort zone and grow our businesses by interacting with our audience. Yes, you can grow your online business by hiding behind your computer all day - but trust me when I say you will see the real leaps in your income when you start sharing the real you with your audience. And, yes, that does come from personal experience ;-)

Want to learn more about guest posting?
Join us this Thursday at 3pm EST -
call details will be in the Wednesday newsletter!

On a side note: I am creating a new page that lists all of the recent offers and bonuses that we have featured in our daily newsletters. I have the key ones from May listed and working through June, so if you can't find something that you saw a couple of weeks ago in a newsletter....check it out here: Newsletter Promos & Bonuses

And now on to the good stuff....
One Last Day For Coach Glue's Summer Special!!
One of the most trusted content providers in the industry, this is a rare chance to get many products that are normally only available through their annual membership! Hint: If you blog at all - their blog post bundles are excellent bargains!

BONUS: Spend $35 or less and choose either our 10 Vision Board Template Bundle or 1 Lead Magnet from here. Spend $35 or more and get your choice of the first bonus PLUS 25% off your next purchase!


Change Your Energy To Manifest
What You Want

I am late to the show on this one - sorry! - but it is a terrific bundle! I love doing graphics for Gabby's products, as I love the topic, so I am offering 5 additional covers when you buy through our link! If you remember the covers from her previous offers - they were very well received, and I promise to deliver covers that will totally compliment her interior designs, too!
BONUS: Buy through our link and get 5 matching covers - all original designs - will be delivered by Wednesday of next week.
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Ending Monday!
15 Re-Brandable Lead Magnets

From Content Sparks
and a VERY Special Bonus!

Sharyn puts out amazing, very high-quality PLR content, and I jumped on this one when I got her email this am! These are from Sharyn's "private stash' and have only been used by her to build her own list until now! Quality is what you would expect from Content Sparks but at $47 for 15 Lead Magnets - this is way below her normal pricing!!
BONUS: A 'mini' version of the Digital planners we just released! Fewer page templates than the 'big' version, and with 3 different designs. These make great lead magnets, and a perfect intro product for people new to digital planners! These will be ready and delivered by mid-week next week. To get your bonus - see the end of the newsletter ;-)
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15 Re-Brandable Lead Magnets


Organization Hacks

From April at NicheStarters.com comes a huge pack of truly useable content for the Organizational Hacks niche:
  • 5 Articles - 600+ words each
  • 5 Intro Emails - Every single blog post comes with an intro email.
  • 26-Page Report, "Life Organization Hacks" (Blog Posts Combined)
  • Canva eCover Template
  • Bonus Royalty-Free Images
  • Long Tail Keywords - Researched keywords related to life organization hacks
  • Social Media Posts - 10 per post (5 Posts for Instagram or Facebook & 5 Tweets)
BONUS: Buy from our link and get 5 new covers so you can stand out from the crowd!
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Tomorrow - a look at Giveaway events - and whether they really work!
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