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Hi, everyone!

And of course, the rain is returning! Not supposed to be here until tomorrow but that is not what the view out my window is telling me right now, so not sure I believe them!

Lots of stuff today so keeping this short, but wanted to remind you that today’s the day! The Ruth and Mel Show Low Content Q & A goes live at 2 p.m.EST this afternoon. There’s still time to register if you haven’t already – Register Here – and there will be a replay if you can’t attend live. You can reply to this newsletter if you have any topics you would like us to cover, or you can ask on the call. We have a lot of fun and sharing on these calls, so hope you can join us! And yes, we will be discussing digital planners, too!

And there WILL be a surprise gift for everyone attending ;-)


99 Printable Ideas To Create & Sell!
PLUS 179 Additional BONUS PHRASES!!

If you already picked this one up - Kristie Chiles has added an additional 179 BONUS PHRASES to this, so you want to be sure and go back to your download!! And if you haven't picked this up yet - this is an even better deal now, so what are ya waiting for?? LOL!
Kristie's put together a list of 99 Keywords AND 179 Phrases that Pinterest says that people are looking for at 5 million searches EACH keyword per month. I love this because it shortens the idea to product cycle for me by miles - and the reviews have been terrific from everyone that snatched this one up too! Use these ideas to make sure that every Pin you create is going to generate TRAFFIC for you!

Select a keyword > Create a printable > Market on Pinterest
> $$ Cha-CHING $$

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From Lynette Chandler:
Book Marketing Planner

Whether you are marketing planners or KDP books - or selling PLR to others, this is an awesome new planner from ThriveAnywhere.
With this new Book Marketing Planner from Thrive Anywhere, you get the tools and guidance needed to define your audience so you (or your clients) know how to reach them, set ambitious but reachable goals, build a raving launch team, get booked solid with appearances and speaking engagements and so much more.
Get 50% off through June 30th with code: BOOK
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Tools For Motivation:
Stop Worrying!!

Wow! Talk about a timely topic! Why Worry - Transforming Concern, Doubt & Fear Into Excitement is the newest PLR bundle from that awesome Jason Popovich and it is so relevant to the times! So many people are literally frozen in place right now, unable to move forward or make the needed changes to make it through these challenging times. Combine this with your own Journal or Workbook and give your readers the tools to come out on the other side of this mess with a new lease on life.
BONUS: Stand out from the crowd with 6 gorgeous new covers, just for this product! Should be done by Friday at the latest!
===>>> Check it out: Why Worry - Transforming Concern, Doubt & Fear Into Excitement


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Tuesday Tutorials...

From April Lemarr: An amazing pillar blog post on "Creating Profitable Worksheets Using Done-For-You Content" (note: April does promote a new product in this article, and we will offer a bonus $7 promo code if you buy through the article. Just wanted to be transparent - the article is a terrific read, and NOT a sales page!!)

• From Dubb Video: How To Amplify Your Personal Branding
(BTW - I just discovered this, and it looks pretty cool - especially the fact that it has a very generous FREE plan!)

• From WPEngine.com: How To Move Your Site From Wix To WordPress
I actually found this when a friend called with this question - don't you just love the internet? ;-)

• From NeilPatel.com: The 4 Ps of Marketing: A Step-by-Step Guide (With Examples). Because a) we did not all start out in life as marketers and b) sometimes we need to go back to the basics to move forward...

• And last but not least - from The Hoth (total SEO gurus - the real deal!) "4 Common Homepage Mistakes - and How To Fix Them!"


Well, that should be enough to keep you out of trouble for awhile!! I am off to get ready for today's call!
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