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Hi, everyone!

It's a gorgeous Sunday morning here in Cincy - no rain, yea! - but I think everything just finally caught up with me! I feel like a total slug today, so not planning on doing too much other than this newsletter and heading outside to the garden to take advantage of the break from the rain!! Want to finish getting the flowers planted and my garlic chives started before the monsoons return!

Before I forget - From our archives....our gift this week to you - 10 floral original Mandala coloring pages (Full PLR rights)

Now - on to the good stuff:
I've had a lot of questions over the past month about funnels, and why I use the single-page format rather than the more traditional multi-page funnel that is so common in the IM space.

It's a good question, but the answer is a bit lengthy so hang in there, ok?

The truth is that I use both, depending on where I am selling the product. I have discovered through a great deal of trial and error that the one-page format works best for my subscribers, folks that are what I consider to be 'content creation professionals', while any product launched on WarriorPlus or JVZoo will usually get very little traction from affiliates if you don't have a multipage funnel. Affiliates on these platforms seem to feel that they won't make as much money on that single page format.

However, if they actually ran the numbers they would see that this is not true, since we have an extremely high conversion rate for both multiple product purchases and the "Super Bundle" option of every product that we launch.

Although many of us have very negative feelings about funnels, in general, it is not really about the funnel itself, but rather about the negative buyer experience that many internet marketers have created with BAD funnels. And you know what I am talking about: the sales page describes a fantastic product that you really want, and only after you buy it, do you discover in the 1st OTO that half the features you thought you were getting are actually in the OTO instead....and then you go through 15 more upsells & downsells before you get to what you actually bought.

By the time you actually get to the download page for the product you bought 15 pages ago, you have been transformed from an excited new customer to someone that is about to hit the refund button. Not. Good.

The sad part is that funnels have gotten a bad rap now but they DO work - you just need to be smart about it!
> Your front end product should be complete on it's own and match exactly what the sales letter says!
> Don't make your customers feel like they HAVE to buy the OTO to get the full value out of what they have already purchased
> Your best OTO conversions will be with complementary products. In the PLR niche, courses on utilizing or marketing the PLR product your customer just purchased or monthly memberships for related products are great OTOs.
> Pricing needs to make sense, too! If your front end product is $27, then an OTO for $97 is a big leap! If you really want to sell that course for $97, then you might want to consider a 'bridge' offer at $47-$57 as OTO2 and ease your customers into that next big spend.

There are lots of different philosophies on funnels, but these are the things that are working for me! Would love your feedback and experiences so please feel free to reach out!


From Mightydeals.com - I found this Friday and fell in love with it!! "Her Portrait & Room Creator" is one of the most unique graphics products I have seen in ages! It's only $9 and comes with more than 1500 elements in 3 formats that can be used to create rooms, people, outfits - it's almost impossible to describe, you really just need to see it! I snapped it up immediately! Check it out here: Her Portrait & Room Creator
Note: They rotate featured products - if this is not on the top of page when you go there, just check the products on the home page below the featured product, or enter the name in the search box.


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From Lynette Chandler: Self Care For Busy Moms!
I honestly cannot imagine what it has been like for parents with small kids at home right now, but I think self-care is probably a pretty hot topic right about now! Get 50% off with promo code: MOMCARE (expires June 9th)
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99 Printable Ideas To Create & Sell!

I almost missed this latest one by Kristie Chiles, and I am glad that I did not! I love anything that can save me time and make me money - and this can do both:
Kristie's put together a list of 99 Keywords that Pinterest says that people are looking for at 5 million searches EACH keyword per month. I love this because it shortens the idea to product cycle for me by miles - and the reviews have been terrific from everyone that snatched this one up too!:

Select a keyword > Create a printable > Market on Pinterest
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