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Hi, everyone!

Well, we had a lovely spring this year. It was this past Saturday and it was very nice. Now we are heading right into full-blown summer and a humid 90 degrees. Sorry, I am still a Calif girl at heart, and miss my 72 degree days and balmy breezes. Oh, and the total lack of humidity since I tend to look like an untrimmed poodle most of the summer here. Ah well, it is what it is! And I guess if it was that bad, I wouldn't have stayed for the last 20 years, right? LOL - and I really need to share that story of how I wound up here - January 21, 1999....knew not a soul, just me, my little blue mac, and $75 left in my bank account, moving into an apartment I had rented sight-unseen online! Best gift I ever gave myself - a fresh start!

But that's a story for another day...because today is...

Tutorial Tuesday!!

• From Lifewire.com
If you create content, then you probably spend a lot of time on Google or Bing - but did you know that there are still OTHER search engines out there too? Check them out here: The Best Search Engines Of 2020

• From SocialMediaExaminer.com
Two excellent articles this week - How To Scale Your Facebook Ads
and How To Use TikTok Analytics for Business (ya mean there is more than dancing 6 ft bunnies on there??)

From PCMag.com
Missing your company's tech guy right now? Learn how to tune up that sluggish Windows 10 all by yourself: How To Tune Up Your Windows 10 For Free

And for us Mac peeps...
15 Steps to Speeding Up Your Macbook
from MacPaw.com

• From SproutSocial.com
The latest 2020 images specs for your favorite social media sites ~
Always Up-to-Date Guide to Social Media Image Sizes

• And last but not least - from Kinsta.com
162 pages of amazing goodness (and free) How to Speed up Your WordPress Site


That's it for today - except of course that we just launched our first Digital Planners!


8 Designs, 15-page templates, a fully compiled planner with more than 120 interlinked pages in PowerPoint, PDF and Keynote - you even get the Master Slides to make editing and customizing as easy as possible. These are designed to get you to market faster than ever! We also have a bonus coming up tomorrow not mentioned on the sales page - a HUGE STICKER BUNDLE!!

Check It out Here>>>>>TOOLKIT #13

Use promo code DIGITAL1 for $10 off each planner and
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Discounts are good through June 4!!

And now, gotta get moving on those stickers!!
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