Q & A:
Staying good with the marketplaces
& other Toolkit ideas

Hi Everyone!

First of all - thank you to everyone for the amazing response to our new Planner Toolkits! They have been so much fun to create but they also take a lot of work, too. Months went into the graphics that you see in each Toolkit, so the feedback and wonderful comments that we have received have been greatly appreciated!

We've also been getting a lot of questions about how to best use the toolkits and we thought it was time to put them all together and send out a newsletter so you can all benefit:

1) Can't I just buy a planner already pre-made and slap a new cover on it for Amazon?
Well, yes, technically, you can and could probably get away with it for a while, but sooner or later, you are going to run afoul of Amazon's no-PLR policy. Also, from a marketing standpoint....you want customers to see a variety of styles when they look at your other items - and trust me they will! So, why not create the basic planner that you want to sell, and then offer that planner in several different styles and color schemes? You are more likely to capture the sale than simply offering the same planner with different covers...and you won't run into trouble with Amazon. Our Toolkits let you do this quickly and easily with almost unlimited design potential.

2) Can we use the Design Elements in other products?
Yes, even though we have focused on Planners, Journals and Calendars, you can use the Design Elements in all kinds of Printables including invitations, notepads, notecards, canvas bags, coffee mugs...well, you get the idea! How about a Planner/To Do List combo package? A New Home Puppy package with a Pet Journal, and notepad or note cards, to announce the new addition to the family? Think outside the box to create related products that can be chained together for the upsell!

3) Are you going to be releasing more Toolkits for the (fill in the blank) niche?
Yes, we definitely are, probably a new one every 2-4 weeks, and possibly a monthly membership with exclusive designs just for members. In the coming weeks, we will be releasing Toolkits in the health and fitness niche, as well as weight loss, goal setting, medical care and a special one focused on real estate (if you work with real estate agents, you will love this one!). If you have a idea - reach out!

Don't forget - we just added 40 more backgrounds to the Pets & Pastels Toolkit, and the price is increasing Wednesday, when we post it on the website for the public. The 2 Bonuses are in your Dropbox - The Mock-ups are in the folder labeled Bonus 1, and the new backgrounds are in folder Bonus 2.

Have an awesome day!

=> Check it out here: Pets & Pastels

Check out the latest Bone-us backgrounds - there are 40 different color combinations to choose from!
BONE-US Background5
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