They are finally, really done ;-)

Hi, everyone!

We've had two whole days of sunshine here, and it looks as though it may actually continue through the rest of the week. Yea! We have so much rain lately I am pretty sure I am growing webs between my toes!!

If you saw yesterday's newsletter, then you know we finally dropped Toolkit #13, our first full digital product. Yes, it definitely took longer than planned, but I built this to be a true foundational product that we can use for future variations - and most importantly, this is literally a product that you can start selling within minutes of downloading.

You do not need to change covers, or title banners or backgrounds, because these are not 'made for Amazon'. You can simply add a title to the home page pdf, and your logo if you want, and start selling it in 5 minutes after you download!

BUT...if you are used to working with Keynote or Powerpoint, then you will really love this one because we are not giving you JUST the finished templates - but the full set of Master Slides as well. One of the first PLR digital planner courses I purchased did NOT include the Master Slides - because she 'did not build it with Master Slides'.

Well, here's the issue with that, folks: If you want to make a change to all 12 calendar pages, you would need to do each one manually. Using Master Slides - you only edit the one slide and all 12 are updated.

Now changing 12 slides is not a big issue, it's a nuisance but you can do it in a few minutes - but what if you are going to do a DATED planner - and you want to change something on the daily template? WOULD YOU RATHER CHANGE ONE SLIDE OR 365??

Uh uh, thought so. Me too. So while this Toolkit is made so that you can sell them right out of the box...we thought ahead, and gave you all the tools you need to create your own templates, too, so you have the page templates AND the MASTER TEMPLATES.

And if you want to make it really easy? Just add a title to your planner (or not as some people like to title their own!) and maybe your logo and link to your website - and SELL!

Yeah, sometimes it really is just that easy.

Check out TOOLKIT #13 HERE

The planners are undated but still link from the chosen month to weekly spreads, and from there, the user can add daily pages, to-do lists, menu planning, and grocery lists. We've even included a complete contacts directory, and additional pages in blank, lined, grid and dot grid format for maximum flexibility. There are 8 designs, with master slides, pdf, Keynote and PowerPoint versions. The planner is more than 100 pages, with 20 to 30 links embedded in every 2-page spread!! Yes, that's a lot of work that you will NOT have to do!!

Now, there are no bonuses listed on the sales page BUT...yes, I am working on a big bundle of STICKERS that will coordinate with ALL of the planners, and should have them done by late Wednesday. Taking a day to give my wrist a break!


Use promo code DIGITAL1 for $10 off each planner and
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Discounts are good through June 4!!

There is the last day to get this amazing product and help a great cause!

Kelly has put together a HUGE bundle with a value of over $5100, with products from more than 60 peeps, to raise money for her nephew's treatment - which is going to be around $100,000. I am not going to list the products here - there are way too many to do the list justice! - you can check it all out HERE!!

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And now, gotta get moving on those stickers!!
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