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Another sneak peek at the new Digital Planners!

Third time is the charm as they say!
Here's the direct link to the Universe watercolor pages:


This week has flown by! I have barely come up for air the last few days, which is pretty typical when I get into the design phase for a new product launch. That is planner design #7 above so making progress! These kits are very different from our previous planner Toolkits in that these are 'ready to sell' immediately with Goodnotes-ready pdfs! Each design is a complete stand-alone product, and you can easily add to your Etsy store or your own website minutes after purchase and start making sales immediately. No need to worry about editing anything, or playing with linking structures and mapping - these are ready to sell out of the box! And it's easy to add your logo or URL with a pdf editor, too! The Earlybird sale will run from Sunday - Wednesday before we open up to the rest of the world ;-)

I did not have time to do my usual Friday Freebie round up this week - so I dug into the archives again and have a gorgeous batch of 10 Mandala backgrounds/papers for you HERE 10 watercolor Universe backgrounds HERE. Both sets are my own designs, so you have full PLR to do as you wish with them!

And to everyone that made it to our Thursday call - we ran a full 2 hours of non-stop plotting and planning! Good things are coming out of this group. We are all learning, and planning our course of action, and most of all - it's been a wonderful fun break while still being productive. Thank you to everyone, for being such a bright spot in the week!

Thank you to everyone who has supported the fundraiser for "GBird", Kelly McCausey's nephew! As I am sure you have heard by now, he needs treatment for a rare cancer that he has been diagnosed with, and Kelly is raising funds to help cover the $100k + costs.

Kelly has put together a HUGE bundle with a value of over $5100, with products from more than 60 peeps, to raise money for her nephew's treatment - which is going to be around $100,000. I am not going to list the products here - there are way too many to do the list justice! - you can check it all out HERE!!

BONUS: Buy through our link - and get any TWO toolkits or Products - not just the planner but the ENTIRE TOOLKIT from the existing product line! If it is on the HOME PAGE - you can choose it for your bonus! That is a bonus of $100 - $180!!! Yes, we really want to get behind this cause and hope you will help! Check out everything available as your bonus here ===>>> Show Me My Bonus!!
===>>> LIVE NOW!! G-Bird Fundraiser

If you are using Chrome, you may get a 'download' page when you visit Kelly's site.
Not sure what is causing this but several of us are having this issue - it is NOT an issue with the link above. You can access the link fine through another browser (Safari works fine). If you need to access it directly please just cut and paste this link in your alternate browser: https://www.lpamm.com/amember/aff/go/cemelody?i=135
to make sure you get credit for your Bonus!

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