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It's Tuesday and that means it's time for that round-up of all of the awesome content I have been collecting for the past week! The server move is done and seems to be running smoothly. A steep cost increase, but this is my business not a hobby, so I consider it a needed investment in my growth!

A couple of "Housekeeping" notes first:
• The two images above are from our bonus for Justin's Common Sense Time Management - see details below!

• If you have not gotten your Sunday gift of 4 new covers & matching backgrounds yet - you can download these
HERE - no optin needed.

• If you purchased Lynette's "Praying The Word", the new faith-based planners should be out around March 21.

Now on to the good stuff:

===> From Elegant Themes: 5 Best Chatbots For Your Wordpress Site
Really good read if you are like me and have not gotten into Chatbots yet. BTW: a little side note here - I have been a Divi Theme user since it came out, but this last 'update' has slowed the theme down considerably. I thought it was a hosting issue before, but now I know it is not. Changing themes for this site won't be happening as it would be a total nightmare, but I am not recommending it at this time if you are just setting up your site!

===> From Neil Patel: 1,083,219 People Per Month and Counting: My New Favorite SEO Strategy - well, if that doesn't pique your interest, I do not know what will! Great piece on getting massive amounts of organic traffic from podcasts.

===> From The Design Twins: How To Master Instagram Collaboration
Great article on what it takes to start working with Brands on Instagram, so you can actually monetize those awesome images you've been posting!

===> From Amazon(!): The Beginners Guide To Selling On Amazon
We do a lot on Amazon and I had never seen this guide before! Very informative article detailing the process of selling products on Amazon.

===> From SternerStuffDesign.com: Stop Jetpack from Slowing Down Your WordPress Site Zillions of folks use the WordPress plugin, JetPack, to do all kinds of important things for their blogs, including spam and hacking protection, BUT it can also slow your site down! With The Big G now looking at page speed as a MAJOR ranking/SEO criteria - this is so not good.

Yes, We Have Bonuses!

===>>> ENDING TODAY!!Lynette Chandler's new prayer journal, Praying The Word
Check it out here: Praying The Word
===>>> $10 off promo code: PRAY (Expires End of Day, Tuesday, March 3rd)
HUGE Bonus: Choose any two Design Kits from Toolkit #6!!
Note: If you already have Toolkit #6, you will receive a credit towards two Design Kits when our new Faith-inspired planners are released in March ;-). Launch date is tentatively set for March 21, and should include 6 new designs, minimum.


Justin Popovich is back with another evergreen topic that is perfect for the Zero content niche: Common Sense Time Management. At just 17 its a steal! BONUS: You will get a new 2-page/7 day weekly spread with hourly scheduling, PLUS weekly overview template, and 2 sets of covers/backgrounds for you. Two samples above ;-)
===>>> Common Sense Time Management


Erica Stone's new "Facebook Traffic Snatcher" is really excellent! It's 112 pages of solid meat with screenshots, sample ad text, image samples & sizes. Really a winner!
===>>> Erica Stone's "Facebook Traffic Snatcher" Pick this up through our link and get a promo code for $10 on any future purchases

TO GET YOUR BONUSES: send your receipts and your selections (if applicable) to: [email protected]. We will normally reply the same day with your bonus!

Have a wonderful week!
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